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Number: AC1603 | AC1604

ZENOLIDE has soft, delicate musk, red fruit, sweet, clean, waxy, musk, animal, and natural musk nuances. It Would perform well in an aquatic formula.

CAS # : 54982-83-1



**Creating Perfume will not be held liable for any misinformation provided on this sheet. It is YOUR responsibility as a perfumer to do your due diligence by looking up the information provided.**

Product Reviews

(12 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
A musk not to be missed!
Frank L Cardillo (Melbourne, FL) 6/8/2016 7:52 PM
This one is one of my favorite 'white' musks, along with Ethylene Brassylate, I use them frequently in combination as one complements the other perfectly, to create a nice clean, sweet, soft 'white musk' effect. This macrocyclic musk is a bit of a smaller molecule than the Brassylate, but according to some sources carries a bit more substantivity (I haven't performed a strip test, but haven't found the need to either). It may smell very light or even imperceptible to some, but I have no problem appreciating its attributes. Hence, most perfumers intermingle different types, e.g., polycyclics, alicyclics and macrocyclics to make their scents appreciable to the masses. I find this one to be a bit more on the 'clean' and 'fruity' side than the Brassylate, but this is one that I personally would never run low on...I love it!!! With any musks, you can never go wrong...the more the merrier...IMHO!!
Excellent musk, recommended, particularly for not same-old same-old
Bill Roberts (Florida) 10/14/2014 12:56 PM
Anosmia or near-anosmia to musks is common for very many valuable musks so I would not worry about that being the case sometimes with this one. And often a musk will work well in a fragrance for a person even if they cannot smell it directly. On the Zenolide itself, the description seems pretty accurate. I'd call it closer to muscone than most, but with a deep red fruit aspect. Very nice if not wanting to be in the Galaxolide-like category, or to add some dimension to what otherwise would be a white musk accord.
Paul D (New York) 7/5/2014 6:46 PM
This is a wonderful musk I use it in a fruit based perfume that sells like crazy! Im so glad you guys are carrying it!!!
A barely perceptible, ultra light musk.
MS (LA) 7/5/2014 2:45 AM
An incredibly faint musk that I really can't smell from the vial, and certainly can't smell on skin or paper. The description sounds nice, but there's no recognizable scent for me. I don't think it's anosmia as I've been smelling a few musks tonight, but I just think that this material is very light.