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What is perfume.
How does perfume get its smell?

Aromas are everywhere! Mother nature is one aromatic dame.
You see, smell, touch and taste aromas all day long.

The beginnings of perfume goes back thousands of years to the early Egyptians. The first perfume was in a incense form.The origin of the word perfume comes from the Latin words per and fumus, which mean through smoke. One of my favorite perfume sites has a great history of perfume. Osmoz
There are several methods of gathering scent from natural material Expression, distillation, extraction, enfleurage, synthetic molecules as well as others being discovered every day.
All commercial perfumes on the market are made with synthetic molecules, AKA aroma chemicals.

We supply perfumers with the following products.

Raw Perfume Materials: Synthetic molecules, AKA aroma chemicals:
Aroma chemicals are synthetic molecules. Each one adds individual properties to a perfume. Some are very strong and others have faint aromas. Some smell great alone, others are unpleasant, but add important quality's to a perfumes formula. Raw perfuming materials are suited best for professional perfumers. Beginning perfumers may have more success with our Perfumery Aromas. Perfumery Aromas are blends of many raw perfume materials and have developed aromas, unlike the raw perfume materials. The Raw Materials are perfect for the beginning perfumer who wants to learn from scratch.This can be a long journey with many benefits.

Essential Oils:
Essential oils are great components in perfuming and can lend a rich natural body to your formula. The idea of making a perfume with only "natural" essential oils is appealing it is a difficult and expensive way to go. Many essential oils can have a medicinal aroma so one must give up on fantasy aromas like strawberry, peach or ocean.  all commercial perfumes on the market are made with synthetic molecules.

Perfumery Aromas:
Our Perfumery aromas are our blends of raw aroma chemicals and essential oils.
Our Aroma Accords are undiluted full strength aroma chemical blends. When a perfumer creates a perfume they use many, even hundreds of aroma chemicals. Its a difficult process with unlimited combination's of aromas. A trained perfumer studys and knows the different aroma chemicals and how they work together. It takes study and a large array of aroma products to create a perfume from scratch.
I think of cooking when I describe the process. Think of the accord as the meat in a dish. There are many different things you can do with chicken. Curry, garlic rosemary, tacos, soup . Its endless. The accords work the same way. Take the oriental accord. It can be used as a base with some jasmine or rose or it can have citrus aromas added to make a unique oriental perfume. The accords offer a easier way to build a great perfume without hundreds of aroma chemicals at hand.