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Animal notes give perfumes a warm, sensuous exotic tone. They add body, richness and depth as well as great fixative qualities. Animal notes are used in extremely low concentration and adds to all types of perfumes especially floral and oriental perfumes. A few drops in a formula are all you need.


Our animal accord is made with aroma chemicals. Not actual animal by products.  recommended usage: 0.1 to 5%

Product Reviews

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Took me by surprise
anonymous (USA) 12/4/2015 2:49 PM
This is truly a masterpiece, at least to my nose. First off, there is nothing harsh or off-putting about it at all. It is a soft animalic smell with a mild delicate sweetness. When I say animalic, I don't mean like the other musks out there that are allegedly animalic but don't deliver. This is REALLY animalic, but it's soft and sensual. It has a very intimate warmth and almost "furry" quality about it. I don't know what notes are in this accord because it is so well blended. I do detect a small trace of something like moss, but not the green marine oakmoss. but a dry moss like one that I've tried here. Whatever is in it, it works in perfect harmony. Highly recommend it.
A very nice musky blend with some sweetness to it.
MS (LA) 7/5/2014 2:25 AM
I was more curious about this than anything, and to my surprise, I find that it's very well done. Although there are some harsh notes of dry musk, it's pleasant enough blend that reminds me a little of the ambergris t oliffac but slightly sweeter and without the marine notes. Impressed by this one!