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Number: AC1411 | AC S-15


Sylvamber (DRT)

54464-57-2/ 68155-66-8/68155-67-9

An intense woody note

An intense cedar and amber aromatic note.

Sylvamber invites to a new journey through cedar and amber notes. Intense, warm, woody, the exceptional tenacity of this foundation brings elegance and sophistication to any compositions.

With Sylvamber, compositions are turned into round and long-lasting perfumes. Fine fragrance, personal care and air care, Sylvamber is designed for various applications.

Appearance: Colorless to slightly amber colored liquid

Odor Strength: Medium

Odor Type: wood

Longevity: 400Hours

Note: base

Average use: .5 to 20%%

Not used in flavor


CAS # 54464-57-2

Flash Point: 200 F     93 C

Product Reviews

(7 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
Iso E Super went to the gym
Matt S (CA) 2/8/2019 2:48 PM
Sylvamber is a wonderous material containing nearly 3x more gamma isomers at 22% compared to Iso E Super's 8%. Sylvamber also contains the IFF captive Iso Gamma Super which adds further elegance and strength, normally used as a booster to combine with the other gamma isomers or to get more bang for your buck.
Sensual, Dapper
Anonymous (USA) 4/9/2016 9:12 PM
While Sylvamber is similar to both Iso E Super and Timbersilk, it has it's own distinct character that makes it stand apart. To me, it's almost like it's between both, leaning more to the Timbersilk end of the spectrum but not having much of the bright top note that the former has. However, it's strength is that it is more full-bodied and more perceptible to the nose. It takes the dapper-suave like character of Timbersilk and goes to a more sensual alluring depth. To each their own, but you would be hard-pressed not to love this stuff!
Better and more powerful than other wood ambers
Riley Jones (Longmont, CO) 1/13/2016 6:20 AM
I don't like ISO E Super and I think Timbersilk is nice, but I think this is even better. The reviewer above is correct in the description.
Clear bright Cedar
mitch (Austin, TX) 1/5/2015 2:24 AM
Wonderful bright, clear Cedar useful alone or in fortifying Cedrenol, Cedar EO, etc. I like this a lot. Very nice in woody formulas.