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plum aroma

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Number: AC1303 | AC1304

PYROPRUNAT has fruity, plum, and raspberry nuances. A fruity-fresh note reminiscent of plum and peach highlighted by floral shades of rose and violet. It provides plum-like fruity aspects to floral notes, underlines damascone-like aspects, and adds a dark fruitiness to tobacco interpretations.

CAS #: 68039-73-6



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Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
yellow plum background feeling, not specific plum note, raisins
Parker Turtenwald (Olympia, WA) 11/25/2019 12:05 PM
Pyroprunat - This isn't the plum you're thinking of. It smells more like the feeling of raisins or brandy, or the exquisite raisin notes in brandy. It does have some plum-like nuance though but it's more like a yellow plum, or amber-color plum (maybe a light red plum, if one is generous), but it's not really a very sharp plum. still, may be an interesting and useful note to add to plum. sort of the general sweet aura of plum rather than a very specific plum note, and maybe a slightly "dirty", "milk", "putrid" (for lack of better words) aspect that is found in real plum fruit. It's not too extremely sweet or "fruity" though. I think if you like Tonka you will like this same sort of feeling. It almost has a bit of a mild feeling of cotton candy fragrance but in a more plum-like direction. I think may also be useful towards creating the note in Asian plum blossom.
Nice. Not too sweet
Tony Sanchez (Oakland, CA) 12/9/2018 5:08 PM
Nice complex ingredient. Adds a somewhat dry fruitiness which evokes plums as well as raisins. Great in tobacco accords. Not especially strong so a fair amount can be used