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Number: AC1189 | AC O-09


Orivone (IFF)

Odor: woody floral orris very powerful diffusive woody-camphoraceous

Use: Blends-well-with - Earthy-mossy-notes

Odor: A powerful orris type aroma. Camphoraceous, earthy, orris.


Odor Strength: Medium


Odor Type: Wood


Longevity: 328 Hours


Note: Base


Use Up To: 15%

In Fragrance Concentration.

Flash Point: > 200.00 °F. TCC ( > 93.33 °C. )




CAS # 16587-71-6

Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
interesting material, purple-blue mixed with blue-green
Parker Turtenwald (Olympia, WA) 10/10/2019 10:36 PM
The first thing that strikes me is it's kind of marine or aquatic (but nothing really like Calone, the typical aquatic in perfume). It's also very ever so slightly fruity, in a similar way that raspberry is, and the smell is a bit like acetone. It is a bit mossy/earthy but in a very "clear" way. There's also a bit of a chemical/floral quality to the smell. Some sweetness, but only in an acetone or rubbing alcohol sort of way, although with that sweetness toned up more than it is in rubbing alcohol with much less of the astringency. It's the type of smell that maybe could be grouped with anisaldehyde (lilac) or ionone (violet flowers) but not the same as either. To me, when I smell it, a faint light purple-blue color comes to mind, mixed with blue-green. It's described as camphorous, but I'm not getting as much of that. Maybe a tad bit camphorous, and half of that camphorous smell is in a more chemical type of way, like rubbing alcohol. This is probably one of the essential fragrance chemicals for creating an overall orris note.
A slightly harsh minimal carrot'y orris well suited to anchor the real thing.
MS (LA) 7/5/2014 2:50 AM
A more realistic orris root than, say, irival. It's quite delicate though, and seems to really just be a small part of the effect that orris usually has on a blend. A tad shrill and oniony and leaning more toward carrot again, but this is a solid enough material and would anchor some proper orris nicely.