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CAS# Aroma Chemical Maker Cut % AU Hrs Note Purpose Category Profile
84697-09-6 Acalea TT IFF FS 15-30% ? M Floral Harmony of violet, momosa and jasmine with slight herbaceous undertone
112-17-4 Acetate C-06 FCC(Hexyl) Symrise FS 5% 5 T Fruit Fresh, fruity, pear, sweet fruity green apple, banana, cherry, berry-pear like
143-13.5 Acetate C-09 FCC (Nonyl Acetate) FS 10% 12 T Fruit/Green Sweet, waxy, fruity w/a green tropical fruit nuance, clean, green
112-17-4 Acetate C-10 (Decyl Acetate) ? FS 9% 39 T Citrus Clean fresh laundered clothes, citrus, soapy, sweet
112-66-3 Acetate C-12 (Lauryl Acetate) ? FS 9% 238 M Fruit Refreshing, waxy-fruit odor w/citrusy note, slightly floral, fruity, fresh
141-13-9 Adoxal Givaudan FS 5% 168 M Ozone Fresh linen odour, natural ozonic aspect.  Blends well with florals
? Agarwood Reconstituted ? FS 4.55 % ? B Wood Oud
(mixture) Agrumen Aldehyde Light ? FS 5% 276 M Green Fresh green soapy aroma, clean, bright, long lasting
? Alcohol C-07 (Heptanol ) ? FS ? 10 M Green Apple, apricot, coconut, musty, oily woody, citrus, nutty, strawberry, vanilla
111-87-5 Alcohol C-08 ? FS Trace-2% 92 M Fruit/Floral Dry, floral, fresh, fruity, green, honey, leafy, coconut note
1725-03-7 Aldambre  Synarome FS 5% 250 M-B Aldehyde Dry amber aroma, dry woody, warm, clean, "hot iron moving into dry woody character"
66-25-1 Aldehyde C-06 (Hexanal) FS .5% 4 B Aldehyde Green, fatty, leafy, vegetative, fruity and clean, woody nuance
124-13-0 Aldehyde C-08 FS 1% 92 T Aldehyde Aldehydic, waxy, citrus orange w/green peel nuance
124-19-6 Aldehyde C-09 ? 2% 42 T Aldehydic natural flower-wax or petal notes
? Aldehyde C-10 ? 2% 36 M Fruit Powerful, waxy, orange, citrus peel, aldehydic
19009-56-4 Aldehyde C-11 MOA FS 1% 172 T-M Citrus Very strong and radiant, aldehydic, sweet floral w/ pronounce citrus nuance
112-45-8 Aldehyde C-11 Undecylenic ? FS 1% 51 T Aldehyde Powerful, aldehydic, floral-green, rose-citrus
112-54-9 Aldehyde C-12 Lauric (Dodecanal) FS 2% 368 M Aldehyde Peach, waxy
110-41-8 Aldehyde C-12 MNA Firmenich 1-12.5% 2% 308 T-M Lifts/Projects Floral Blends with floral, wood, amber and tobacco accords
104-67-6 Aldehyde C-14 FS 10% 338 M Fruit Waxy peach, fruity, creamy, fatty lactonic, apricot, ketonic, coconut, powerful
104-67-6 Aldehyde C-14 Natural (Peach) FS 10% 338 B Fruit Fruity, peach, creamy, fatty, lactonic, apricot, ketonic, coconut
77-83-8 Aldehyde C-16 (Strawberry ) ? FS 15% 241 M Fruit Sweet Strawberry, floral, honey, fatty
104-61-0 Aldehyde C-18 (Coconut ) ? FS 10% 309 M-B Fruit/Coconut Buttery, Coconut, rich, waxy, fatty
143-14-6 Aldehyde Supra Firmenich 1-10% Trace-1% 400 T Lifts/Projects Citrus Extremely clean, powerful w/ waxy citrus/mandarin, floral character
629-63-0 Aldinyle 3880  Synarome DILUTE 2% 308 T Ozone/Fruit Fresh, clean, orange flower, green, wet, STRONG, fresh, citrus, orange peel
72987-59-8 Algix Synarome FS 5 % ? T Aldehyde Powerful fresh, sea breaze, narcissus, slightly floral, super fresh and bright
67634-00-8 Allyl Amyl Gylcolate ? 50%-FS 1% 84 T Adds Sparkle Fruit Strong, fruity, Galbanum w/green pineapple notes
2705-87-5 Allyl Cyclohexyl Propionate FS 5% 251 M-B Fruit Powerful, sweet fruity odor of pineapple, aromatic apple and pineapple scent
142-19-8 Allyl Heptanoate Symrise FS 4% 4 M Fruit Strong, sweet-fruity tending toward pineapple w/nuances of chamomile and banana, cognac diffusive
7493-74-5 Allyl Phenoxy Acetate 0.32% 304 T-M Fruit Green, sweet, herbal-fruity, chamomile w/nuances of honey, galbanum and pineapple, very strong
43052-87-5 Alpha Damascone ? 0.02% 120 M Fruit Sweet, fruity apple, floral wood w/plum and green berry nuance
127-41-3 Alpha Ionone White Coeur ? 15% 400 B Fixative in florals Floral Warm sweet floral, woody, violet, orris
25312-34-9 Alpha Ionol ? FS Trace-8% 88 M Floral/Wood Elegant Violet, Vetiver with woody (Cedar) undertones
98-85-1 Alpha Methylbenzyl Alcohol ? FS 8% 8 M Fresh, sweet, acetophenone, gardenia, hyacinth, almond, balsamic
101-39-3 Alpha Methyl Cinnamic Aldehyde 1.60% 400 B Spice Powerful warm spicy ,herbaceous balsamic w/cinnamon bark connotations
98-83-2 Alpha Phellandrene ? FS 1-5% 4 T Green/Herbal Fresh, citrusy, peppery, woody, slight mint
80-56-8 Alpha Pinene Natural ? FS 10% 4 T Wood/Pine Warm, resinous, refreshing pine, minty, woody, earthy
98-55-5 Alpha Terpineol FS 30% 20 T-M Terpenic Complements floral notes w/ citrus-woody profile and lemon-lime nuances.  
67674-46-8 Amarocite Symrise FS 10% 2 T boosts vetiver Fruit Grapefruit peel, fresh bitterness
476332-65-7 Amber Xtreme IFF FS 0.50% 168 B Animal Sharp amber w/rancid wood undertone, slight ambergris facet
139504-68-0 Ambercore KAO FS 40% 30 B Amber Very soft delicate woody amber note w/natural richness, animalic aroma oob
Mixture Ambergris T Oliffac IFF FS 5% 400 B Animal Rich woody nuances, rich dry amber, ambergris, somewhat musty/dusty, slightly camphorous, old wood
929625-08-1 Ambermax 10 In TEC Givaudan FS 15% 400 B Amber Powerful, fusing and substantive rich amber w/woody cedarwood facets
58567-11-6 Amberwood (Bois Ambrene Forte) Symrise FS 5% 168 B Amber Amber notein symbiosis w/elegant woody part, woody cedar ambergris dry dusty amber
59056-62-1 Amboryl Acetate  Innospec FS 50% 280 T Amber woody note w/delicate tenacious woody amber character ( vetiveryl acetate, sandalwood, clary sage
Blend Ambrettex XNM IFF FS 10% 324 B Musk Dry ambrette musk, sweet, faint licorice scent
28645-51-4 Ambrettolide IFF FS 5% 48 B sweetness Fruit/Musk Musky ambrette seed, sweet, soapy, perfume like w/heavy fruity undertone, rich
211299-54-6 Ambrocenide 10% in DPG Symrise FS Trace-5% 400 B Wood Ambery, woody, powerful, slightly peppery w/hint of ambergris and musk mallow
6790-58-5 Ambroxan KAO FS Trace-5% 400 B Warmth/volume Wood Ambery, wood, dried roses, tobacco, "old wood cabin"
? Amyl Acetate ? 20% Apple/Pear effect Fruit Ethereal fruity banana, pear, apple
2049-96-9 Amyl Benzoate ? FS 6% 90 M Fruit Floral, green, balsamic, fruity, musky, amber-like
122-40-7 Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde ? 10% 256 M Jasmine Note Floral Jasmine, waxy
659-70-1 Amyl Isovalerate ? FS 8% 4 T Fruit Fruity, fresh apple aroma
2050-08-0 Amyl Salicylate ? FS 10% 130 M Floral/Herbal Floral, sweet, herbaceous, Balsamic
141-13-9 Andrane IFF FS 10% 96 M Patchouli effect Wood Wood, ambergis, tobacco, cedarwood, sandalwood, powerful
104-45-0 Anethol ? FS 10% 12 M Aromatic Sweet anise, licorice with herbal fennel nuance (Cough drops/root beer)
? Animalis Hypo 27 TEC Synarome FS Trace/drop 400 B Oriental effect Animalic/Musk Fresh, woody, animalic w/pronounced animalic aroma
? Anisic Aldehyde BSAF FS 44 M Supports Florals Floral Sweet, floral, anisic, hawthorn, heliotrope, nutty, powdery, vanilla
104-21-2 Anisyl Acetate Givaudan FS 8% 100 M Modifier/sweetness Floral Floral, Anisic, Fruity, slightly balsamic, sweet, creamy, powdery
? Anisyl Alcohol ? 0.68% 82 M Powder Powdery, hawthorn, lilac, rose, floral hyacinth,creamy, balsamic, coumarinic, lactonic, cherry, licorice
56011-02-0 Anther Givaudan FS 5% 32 M Green Green, fresh, floral, strong modifier of tropical notes and hyacinth freshness
25225-08-5 Aphermate IFF FS 10% 12 M Aquatic/Ozonic Very oceanic, Fresh pine, woody, herbal, earthy, seashore,  fruity in low concentrations
4/9/4621 Apo Patchone Coeur IFF FS 10% 12 M rounds middle notes Leather Leather w/slight floral rose finish, Adds leather w/o a masculine touch
(mixture) Apple Oliffac S IFF FS 15% 3 T Fruit Bright, lively apple with peel, clean, fresh
478695-70-4 Applelide IFF FS 30% 48 B Musk Modern, sensuous musk w/touch of fresh, fruity green apple and creamy powdery textures
? Aprifloren Symrise FS 1-5% ? M Floral Fruity, floral, lactonic, green, peach
68133-79-9 Apritone Bedoukian FS 5% 216 M-B Supports fruits Fruit Warm, fruity, ripe fleshy apricot and peach, floral.  Use with jasmine
89-43-0 Aurantia (Aurantiol, Auralva) ? FS 8% 400 B Top Note fixative Floral Orange blossom, bright,, fixative/base to top notes
(mixture) Auratouch Firmenich FS Trace-5% 400 B Musk Darkest of the musks, sensual and clean
88642-03-9 Aurelione Symrise FS 20% 400 B Musk Elegant, erogenous, intense musk note, sensual warmth, radiance, white musk w/hint of citrus
68845-36-3 Azarbre Givaudan FS 10% 24 M Wood Woody, warm, orris, camphorous, mild honey like dried flowers
68084-04-8 Azuril Innospec FS 5% 72 M Ozone Ozone, fresh, citrus, clean linen, marine, provides long lasting support to floral, muguet, citrus, fresh air
2173-57-1 B- Napthyl Isobutyl Ether 80 Penta FS 10% 116 M-B Floral Sweet, aromatic, floral-fruity, orange blossom, strawberry. HARD TO WORK WITH
28219-61-6 Bacdanol IFF FS 10% 400 B Wood Creamy natural milky sandalwood, cosmetic character, warm and woody, fresh
Mixture Benzoin Oliffac 50/63 DEPR IFF FS 15% 400 B Balsam Sweet, smooth, balsam vanilla amber color, long lasting
119-61-9 Benzophenone Cryst ? 6% 394 B Balsam Faint, sweet rose, light herbal nuance, geranium, metallic
140-11-4 Benzyl Acetate ? FS 30% 4 M-B Floral Jasmine, fruit w/balsam and jasmine undernotes
100-51-6 Benzyl Alcohol ? 2.70% 35 M Floral Delicate, sweet, aromatic, floral (jasmine notes), slight almond
120-51-4 Benzyl Benzoate ? 26.70% 322 B Supports/Almond Balsam Balsamic, ylang-ylang but less sharp, slightly phenolic
103-37-7 Benzyl Butyrate ? FS 8% 64 M Fruit Powerful, fresh, fruity, jasmine, apricot, logenberry, sweet, waxy, tropical, pineapple, plum and apple
? Benzyl Isobutyrate ? FS ? 12 M Floral Sweet, fruity, powdery, tropical woody and juicy nuances, jasmine, sweet rose
? Benzyl Propionate ? FS 10% 8 M Fruit Sweet, fruity apple and pear, banana, melon, pineapple, jasmine nuance
118-58-1 Benzyl Salicylate ? FS 8% 384 M Fixative/Structure Floral Clean balsam, fresh, sweet clean herbal, slightly spicy
22418-66-2 Bergamal IFF FS 10% 6 T Citrus Petigrain, bergamot, citrus, fresh, green, woody, refreshing
(mixture) Bergamot Givaudan FS 15-30% 2 T Citrus Replaces EO, superior stability
104986-28-9 Berryflor Givaudan FS 25% 24 M Enriches/softens Fruit Fruity, Raspberry, floral, fresh, balsamic, very light
23726-91-2 Beta Damascone Firmenich 0.02% 300 M-B Fragrance enhancer Fruit Pwerful fruity note, rose, plum, blackcurrant, wine, tobacco
149-07-6 Beta Ionone Natural ? FS 15% ? M Fruit Violet, orris, sweet, floral, woody, "Freesia"
127-91-3 Beta Pinene Natural FS 12% 4 T Wood Dry, woody, resinous, pine, hay and green cooling, woody, turpentine like aroma, fresh, minty, eucalyptus
4430-31-3 Bicyclononalactone IFF FS 10% 400 B Gourmand Sweet aromatic, lactonic, coconut, coumarin, sharp, fruity, tonka, woody, creamy vanilla nuance
(mixture) Birch Leaf Givco FS 20% ? M Green/Herbal Green, herbal, bright, fresh, invigorating
495-62-5 Bisabolene Givaudan FS 10% 104 M Fixative Neroli Balsam Balsamic, sweet, myrrh, orange flower, spicy, opopanax, agrestic, oriental
(mixture) Black Agar Givco FS Trace-5% 400 B Wood Synthetic, Oud, rich, sophisticated, woody, earthy but sweet
(mixture) Blackwood Firmenich FS 20% 400 B Wood Rich agarwood aroma
128119-70-0 Bornafix IFF FS 20% 312 B Supports Wood/Amber Warm, woody, dry amber, cedarwood
18127-01-0 Bourgeonal Givaudan 0.50% 104 M Floral Floral, green, muguet, fresh, Powerful
? Brahmanol Symrise FS 400 B Adds softness Wood herbal sandalwood, waxy, nutty, woody
7756-96-9 Butyl Anthranilate Bedoukian FS 10% 276 T-M Supports jas/tub Fruit grape, white-flower, earthy sweet, powdery, petigrain, plum, wine, berry
138-22-7 Butyl Lactate ? FS 6% 12 M Floral Faint buttery, fruity, carmel, creamy, dairy, earthy, ketonic, waxy, vanilla
590-01-2 Butyl Propionate ? FS 4% ? M Fruit Sweet, ester like, banana, ripe, tutti frutti, bright. Lifting, cherry, rum
? Butyl Undecylenate ? FS 8% 344 T-M Edible Butter, wine like, slight floral
? Cardamom Oil ? ? ? B Spice herbaceous, citrus, peppery green spice w/warm woody dry down, very powerful
? Carmel Furfural ? FS 30% ? M-B Gourmand Nice malty carmel, sweet
13877-93-5 Caryophyllene Berje FS 8% 44 B Spice Sweet, woody, spice, clove, dry, spicy wood, terpenic
33704-61-9 Cashmeran IFF FS 2% 96 M-B Musk Rich, dirty spice (Cardamom), musk
139539-67-6 Cassiffix IFF FS 5% 168 M Gives sparkle Fruit Fruity, blackcurrant, green cassis note
(mixture) Cassis Base 345 B Firmenich FS 10% ? M Rounds florals Green, floral, fruity, blackcurrant buds, boxwood shrub
8023-83-4 Castoreum Absolute MPE FS 5% 400 B Animal/Leather Warm, powerful, apealing animal note, sweet leather character
(mixture) Cedarmoss Substitute Synarome ? FS 5% 200 B tones down gourmands Wood/Moss Very moss like, earthy, green, wet, hint of wood
68608-32-2 Cedarwood Terpenes Penta FS Trace -10% 400 B Wood Woody, cedar, aromatic sandalwood-like w/floral nuances, sharp then mellows
19870-74-7 Cedramber IFF FS 2% 48 M Wood Dry, diffusive, true ambergris, rich and woody, cedarwood
28231-03-0 Cedrenol Penta FS 10% 400 B Wood Woody sweet soft, long lasting "inside of an old cedarwood chest"
1405-92-1 Cedrenyl Acetate Penta FS 20% 400 B Wood Soft, woody, cedarwood, faint fresh woody
77-53-2 Cedrol (crystals) Penta 50% 400 B Wood Cedarwood, dry, woody, sweet, soft
134-28-1 Celestolide IFF FS 20% 400 B Musk Warmth, brilliance, richness, strength, powdery, fruity, animal, cedar, ambergris
0120811-92-9 Centifolether Firmenich FS 1% 3 T Support Green/Rose Green/Floral rose petal, exotic fruit
0003738-00-9 Cetalox Firmenich FS 5% month B Ambergris gives rich, elegant effects, warmth, depth at lower dosages
? Chocolate Amber ? FS ? ? B Gourmand Sweet, floral, musk, chocolate, amber, gourmand, balsam, oriental
? Chocovan Givaudan 33.37% ? B Supports Chocolate Gourmand cocoa, vanilla, powdery
04-54-1 Cinnamic Alcohol ? 0.80% 370 M Rounds out fruits Balsam Cinnamon spice, floral, green, odery balsamic in trace amounts
? Cinnamyl Acetate ? 0.62% 124 M Spice Sweet, mildly balsamic, slightly floral-fruit, cinamon like
3681-71-8 CIS 3-Hexenyl Acetate FCC ? 1-5% 1 T Adds green freshness Fruit Sharp fruity-green, sweet, banana like
25152-85-6 CIS-3-Hexenyl Benzoate ? FS 8% 216 T-M Supports Green Soft green, slightly fruity,  herbaceous, wood
33467-73-1 CIS-3-Hexenyl Formate Bedoukian FS 8% 1 T Green Strong, ethereal, fresh, sweet, green apple odor w/woody undertones
611931-81-5 CIS-3-Hexenyl Lactate ? Trace to 1% 8 T-M Floral Green, waxy, melon undertones
65405-77-8 CIS-3-Hexenyl Salicylate Extra Bedoukian 5% 216 M Floral Sweet, green balsamic, floral, green, leathery, herbaceous, mossy. lily
64275-73-6 CIS-5- Octen-1-OL ? FS 2-5% 12 T Green/Melon Watermelon, melon zest, "watermelon rind"
7549-37-3 Citral Dimethyl Acetal ? FS 30% 7 T Citrus Citrus, verbena, milder but more natural lemon odor
5392-40-5 Citral ? Trace-.2% 12 T Freshness, lift Citrus Blends with acetals, aldehydes and alcohols
55066-49-4 Citralis PQ ? FS 3% 184 M Aldehydic/floral lily, lily of the valley, citrus, floral, fresh, ozone
67634-25-7 Citrolate IFF FS 5% 24 T fresheness candy notes Citrus grapefruit, bitter orange oil and melon, gardenia petal
106-23-0 Citronellal ? FS 3% 12 T Citrus Fresh, citrus, floral, sweet rosy, waxy, green
106-22-9 Citronellol Coeur IFF 13% 68 M Floral Clean, rose like, rich, rosy geranium, citronella, leather, waxy rose bud citrus
150-84-5 Citronellyl Acetate ? FS 50% 8 T Citrus/Floral Rose like w/green, leafy, pear undertones
51566-62-2 Citronellyl Nitrile ? FS 10% 16 T Stability Citrus Citrus, green, fruity, floral, green
97384-48-0 Citronwanile Symrise FS 5% 376 M-B Aldehydic Agrumic scent w/background notes of gree-herbal peppery, sweet appeal
90480-35-6 Citrylal E ? FS Trace-3% 4 T Citrus Lime top note booster. Fresh, sparkling w/floral shades, clear, strong, pleasant
Civet 10 Givaudan 2%
(mixture) Civet Artificial ? 2% 400 T Richness, warmth Animal Animalistic, very strong and overpowering DILUTE!
66327-54-6 Claritone Symrise FS 8% 5 T-M Herbal Fresh, green, citrus, herbal, floral peony like, slightly aldehydic
84238-39-1 Clearwood Firmenich FS .5-20% 168 B Fixative/Blender Wood Soft, clean patchouli
2437-25-4 Clonal IFF FS 5% 240 M Citrus Dry orange peel, ozonic, metallic, aldehydic, zesty, grapefruit, "dried peel"
? Cocoa Aldehyde Natural ? FS 2% 96 M Aldehydic Chocolate, cocoa (when diluted), pungent, sour, peach, ethereal aldehydic
? Composition 37987-01 Synarome ? FS ? ? M spring/summer floral Floral Lilac, plumeria, slighty fruity, powdery and ivy notes
67874-72-0 Coniferan Pure IFF FS 10% 16 T-M Balsamic Balsamic, sandalwood, woody, sweet, rich as in Fir Balsam
83926-73-2 Coranol Firmenich FS 5% 18 M Floral flowery note reminiscent of Linalool
? Corps Racine ? FS ? 400 M Green Green, earthy, root-like, herbaceous (pea pods), ginseng root, petitgrain, POWERFUL
2120-70-9 Cortex Aldehyde 50% Benzyl Alcohol IFF FS 2% 188 M Lift to florals Green Powerful green, fresh, aldehydic, wood sap
259854-70-1 Cosmone Givaudan FS 5% 400 B Volume/Synergy Musk Musk, warm powdery facets, subtle ambergris nuance
(mixture) Costus Oliffac 1112 IFF FS 1% 400 M Animal Animal, costus, leather, labdanum
(mixture) Coumarex DB IFF FS 10% 200 B Balsam Tobacco, fruity, woody, hay, rich, vanilla, carmel, balsamic, nutty, tonka, hint of clover
91-64-5 Coumarin ? 5% 364 B Balsam new mown hay, tonka, sweet clover
? Crisalys S Synarome ? FS 3-5 % ? M slightly fruity, slightly powdery, hint of earthiness
122-03-2 Cuminaldehyde ? 1% 0.50% 30 T-M Herbal/Spice Spicy, green, cumin like , green herbal spice nuance
13816-33-6 Cuminyl Nitrile Penta FS Trace-.1% 8 T-M Spice Spicy, cumin, green
67634-20-2 Cyclabute IFF FS 10% 344 M Fruit/Herbal Fruity, pineapple, peach, mango, dries to amber chocolate, anise, basil
54830-99-8 Cyclacet IFF FS 10% 100 M Herbal Green, woody, cedar, pine, licorice, anise, ozonic
103-95-7 Cyclamen Aldehyde Extra Givaudan 2.67% 72 M Floral Floral, green, powerful, fresh
7775-885-3 Cyclemax IFF FS 20% ? N Floral Fresh, floral, muguet w/ fruity melon nuance
68901-15-5 Cyclogalbaniff IFF FS 2% 32 T Green/Fruit Green, fruity, galbanum, pineapple
622-45-7 Cyclohexyl Acetate 50 Moellhausen FS 10% 4 T Fruit STRONG, strawberry, banana, fruit juice w/nail polish!
4442-79-9 Cyclohexyl Ethyl Alcohol IFF FS 50% 24 M Floral Floral, green, muguet 
25485-88-5 Cyclohexyl Salicylate FS 6% 400 M Floral Balsam, sweet, floral, good base for a warm floral perfume
68991-97-9 Cyclomyral  PFW FS 20% 150 B Lift, projection Wood Powerful, fresh, clean, ozone, green w/herbal tonality
40203-73-4 Cyclopidene Firmenich FS Trace-.5% 18 T Lift, diffusion Floral Floral modifier related to Ylang, sweet, fruity floral (tuberose acetate)
0023696-85-7 Damascenone Total Firmenich FS 0.10% 1 wk T-M Floral/Fruit Intensely natural, rose, plum, berry, tobacco
4927-36-0 Damascol 4 IFF FS 5% 24 B Extend Rose ketones Floral/Spice deep tones, peppery, woody, fruity, spicy, rose absolute
Dark Chocolate ? FS ? ? B Gourmand Dark chocolate, complex
0028219-61-6 Dartanol Firmenich FS 5% 400 B creamy connotation Wood Sandalwood, slighty cedarwood, creamy
68039-69-0 Datilat Symrise FS 5% 48 M Fruit Fruity, plum like, fresh sweetness, woody, dry tobacco facet
705-86-2 Decalactone Delta Symrise FS 8% 400 T-M creamy/tropical Fruit Creamy coconut, peach, celery undertones
0084560-00-9 Delphol HC Firmenich FS 15% 48 T-M enriches white floral Floral Floral, jasmine, slight cisjasmone, magnolia, tea
? Dewfruit ? FS ? ? M Fruit lychee, dragonfruit, red berries, bright, tropical, velvety, exotic
? Dibenzyl Ether ? FS ? ? M Earthy Brazilian nutty, mushroom, earthy, hint of floral, waxy
105-53-3 Diethyl Malonate ? FS 10% 4 M Fruit Sweet green apple fruity, pineapple, winey estery, slightly balsamic
67634-22-4 Dihydro Floralate IFF FS 20% 4 M Citrus/Floral Floral, woody carvone, sweet Cortex Aldehyde w/slight grapefruit nuance
37172-53-5 Dihydro Iso Jasmonate PFW FS 30% 124 M Floral Diffusive floral green odour w/ jasmine and rose note
1128-08-1 Dihydro Jasmone ? FS 5% 340 M Body to Muguets Floral Fresh, fruity, jasmine w/woody and herbal undertones
18479-58-8 Dihydro Myrcenol ? FS 75% 16 T Citrus Fresh lime-like, citrusy floral, airy/ozone
? Dihydro Myrcenyl Acetate ? FS ? 4 T Citrus Citrus, bergamot, lavender aroma
13477-62-8 Dihydrorosan  BASF FS 5 % ? T Floral Mid rosy floral green note
5910-89-4 Dimethyl 2.3 Pyrazine FS 0.50% 8 M Gourmand Nutty, green grass, chocolate, roasted, hazelnut frangelico liquor aroma
85-91-6 Dimethyl Anthranilate ? FS 8% 48 M Floral Fruity, musty, sweet, powdery, blossom, grape, orange flower, mandarine
151-05-3 Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinyl Acetate ? FS 8% 44 M Floral Fresh jasmine green herbal
10094-34-5 Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinyl Butyrate ? FS 8% 100 M Floral Fresh, aromatic floral, fruity, green, bergamot, peach like
94248-21-2 Dimethyl Cyclormol IFF FS 5% 400 M floral/oriental Herbal/Wood Diffusive camphoraceous note with the characteristic earthy, mushroom effect of patchouli
150-78-7 Dimethyl Hydroquinone ? FS 4% 76 T Green Sweet, green, new mown hay, fennel, aromatic, herbaceous, earthy, tobacco
? Dimethyl Octanyl Acetate Moellhausen FS ? 244 M Floral Clean, fresh, floral reminiscent of rose and violet linalool lily violet
103-05-9 Dimethyl Phenyl Ethyl Carbinol FS 25% 244 M clean fresh floral Floral Lily, hyacinth, violet w/excellent tenacity.  Fresh natural floral aroma, mild, long lasting
18479-58-8 Dimyrcetol IFF FS 75% 3 T Citrus Fresh, citrus, herbal, ozone, lime, marine
7/3/4747 Diola IFF FS 1% 3 T Floral, herbal, fruity, concentrated sweet, herbaceious notes of lavender
? Dipentene ? ? ? 3 T Citrus Strong, terpeny, coniferous, pinewoody, camphor
51115-63-0 Doremox Firmenich FS 5% 48 M Floral Powerful rosy note, complex
(mixture) Dorinia SA E ? FS 20% 300 M Floral True Rose, clean aroma, high quality macrocyclic musk,sophisticated
55418-52-5 Dulcinyl IFF FS 15% 48 M-B Floral/Gourmand Sweet, raspberry, cotton candy, blackberry jam, cassis, heliotrope
67801-20-1 Ebanol Givaudan FS 5% 400 B volume/elegance Wood Sandalwood, musk, powerful
(mixture) Elintaal Givaudan FS 8% 24 M Herbal Floral, green, Muguet
? Emeraldine PFW FS ? ? T-M supports white floral Green Fresh, green, leafy, petal character, fruity citrus, white floral
692-86-4 Ethyl 10 Undecenoate ? FS 10% 20 M Fruit Fruity wine like, waxy w/ sweet creamy and soapy nuance
7452-79-1 Ethyl 2 Methyl Butyrate ? FS 1% 4 T Fruit Strong radiant, green fruity, pungent, apple, pineapple, unripe plum peel
? Ethyl Acetate ? 2% 4 M Gives lift Ethereal STRONG, fruity, brandy only in heavy dilution
141-78-6 Ethyl Acetate Natural ? 2% 4 T Fruit/Ethereal Dry, ethereal, fruity, musty, diffuse
141-97-9 Ethyl Acetoacetate ? FS 15% 4 T Fruit Ethereal fruity, sweet, green apples
105-54-4 Ethyl Butyrate ? FS 8% 100 T Fruit Strong, ethery fruity reminiscent of banana and pineapple
123-66-0 Ethyl Caproate ? FS 10% 4 T Fruit Powerful sweet fruity winy, rum, apple, banana, wlight floral undertone
105-95-3 Ethylene Brassylate ? FS 10% 208 M gives tenacity Musk Sweet, musky, somewhat oily
109-94-4 Ethyl Formate ? FS Trace-2% 400 T Fruit Strong, ethereal fruity, like rum
105-54-4 Ethyl Heptonate ? FS 10% 56 T Fruit Strong, fruity like apple, pineapple and brandy
687-47-8 Ethyl Lactate Natural ? FS 12% 4 T Fruit Rum, strawberry, grapes, fruity, buttery, butterscotch, sweet, acidic, ethereal
106-33-2 Ethyl Laurate ? FS 14% 216 M Waxy Sweet, waxy soapy and rummy with a creamy, floral nuance, mild, fatty, slightly fruity-floral
10339-55-6 Ethyl Linalool ? FS 40% 12 T Projects/uplifting Floral Floral, fresh, bergamot, sweeter/less rustic than pure Linalool
4940-11-8 Ethyl Maltol  (Powder ) ? 4% 360 M Sweetness Gourmand Fruity, berry, sweet caramel, cotton candy type of aroma
124-06-1 Ethyl Myristate Natural ? FS 12% 4 T Floral Sweet, waxy violet, orris, soapy
? Ethyl Pelargonate ? FS ? 12 M Fruit Slightly fatty-oily, fruity, apple, banana, nutty, wine note
35044-59-8 Ethyl Safranate  Givaudan FS 5% 168 M body/radiance Fruit/Floral Spicy rose w/apple cider and spicy aspects
121-32-4 Ethyl Vanillin (Powder ) ? 16% 400 M-B Vanilla Sweet, creamy, vanilla, smooth and caramellic balsam, gourmand, fruit
97-53-0 Eugenol ? 5% 52 M Spice Clove Element, spicy balsam
4707-47-5 Evernyl  ( Powder ) ? 7% 280 M Moss Powerful oakmoss, woody, phenolic (Oakmoss replacement)
502-72-7 Exaltone (Cyclopentadecanone) Penta FS 1% 320 B Musk Warm, diffusive, musky, extremely fine, faceted, powdery, animal, greasy, natural musk-like
0000106-02-5 Exaltolide 941962 Firmenich Depth, roundness Musk Musk, synthetic, very natural quality
106-02-5 Exaltolide Total Firmenich FS 2.50% 700 M Lifts/Projects Animalic?Musk Ozone, cottonlike, fresh, musk, depth, grounded, sensual, synergistic
Fall Spice Accord ? ? ? B Spice Rich, spicy, earthy, cinnamon top note that dries down to dried leaves, wood, tobacco, damp forest
502-61-4 Farnesene Bedoukian FS 8% 1 T KEEP COLD Floral/Herbal Woody, green vegetative odor w/lavender background
4620-84-0 Farnesol Symrise .5-1.20% 400 M fresh muguet note Floral Delicate, fresh, green, muguet note, mild, fresh, sweet Linden floral angelica
0815580-59-7 Firascone Firmenich FS Trace-1% 3 T-M Fruit/Floral Rosy-fruity, Damascone, saffron note
(mixture) Fireco Oakmoss 50 MIP Firmenich FS Trace-2% 400 B Wood Mossy w/slight seaweed effect
Fireco Treemoss MIP Firmenich
0104864-90-6 Firsantol Firmenich FS 5% 2 wks B Sandalwood touch Wood Gives powerful sandalwood touch.  Very natural sandalwood aspect
N/A Fixabois Firmenich FS 5% 300 B Wood Woody, clean, slight sweetness, dry, warm, powerful in the formula but not in the bottle
? Fixateur 505 Firmenich FS 3 % ? B Fixative Amber/Resin Powerful, ambergris, Sensual, frankincense, slightly old wood, musty, cistus, fecal, animal
137-03-1 Fleuramone IFF FS 4% 80 M Fortifier Jasmin floral w/powerful herbal and lactonic character
71077-31-1 Floral Super IFF FS 15% 48 M Floral Floral, cyclemen fresh, muguet, aldehydic
67634-16-6 Floralol IFF FS 10% 40 M Floral Floral, FRESH like a spring morning, green, hyacinth, spicy green, petal, gardenia
67634-14-4 Floralozone IFF FS 10% 80 M Ozone/Ocean Strong, clean, fresh air and sea air, floral, aldehydic, lily of the valley aspects
67801-64-3 Floramat  KAO FS 5% 90 M Spice Rosy floral body, spicy note, gives fruity accent to citrus and floral type. Enhances damascone character
125109-85-5 Florhydral Givaudan FS 2% 144 M Floral Very floral, fresh, trendy, natural odor (lily of the valley)
5182-36-5 Floropal Symrise FS 10% 68 M Floral Fruity, grapefruit, rhubarb, gardenia
63500-71-0 Florosol A Innospec FS 5-15% 96 M Floral Bright, fresh, full bodied lily of the valley, aspects of rose, cyclamen and lilac, crisp green edge
63500-71-0 Florosol S Innospec FS 5% 96 M supports white floral Floral Aspects of cyclamen, lilac, rose, works well in floral characters of white floral notes
6290-17-1 Fraistone ? FS 30% 12 M Fruit Tart, fresh, anisic, fruity note reminiscent of apple, plum and strawberry
? Freesia Fleuriff IFF FS 10% 40 M Floral Floral fresh green flowery freesia like, light, radiant
? Fresh Sea ? FS ? ? T Freshness, ozonic Ozone Fresh, ozonic, floral
72903-27-6 Fructalate Firmenich FS 10% 48 M Volume/Supports Fruit Fruity, berries, raspberry, apple, good tenacity, gives volume
69300-15-8 Frutonile ? FS 5% 48 M fruity effect Fruit Intense peach w/lactonic undertones
1222-05-5 Galaxolide IFF FS 10% 400 B Musk Clean, powerful iso-chroman musk, superb fragrance, persistant
706-14-9 Gamma Decalactone ? FS 12% 256 M-B Fruit Fresh, oily, waxy peach, coconut, buttery, sweet, fatty nuance
104-50-7 Gamma Octalactone ? FS 12% 144 M Balsam/Gour Sweet, creamy, coconut, milky, soapy, soumarin, fruity, peach and apricot
99-85-4 Gamma Terpinene Bedoukian FS 5% 4 T Citrus effect Citrus Refreshing, heerbal, citrus, spicy
108-29-2 Gamma Valerolactone FCC Bedoukian FS 10% 2 T Herbal Sweet, hay, tobacco-like, fruity sweetness
93-92-5 Gardenol (Styrallyl Acetate ) ? FS ? 8 T Green Strong, radiant, herbal-green, fruity, floral (gardenia)
(Mixture) Gelsol F IFF FS ? 200 M Floral Fresh, jasmine, aldehydic, sweet, hyacinth, intensely rich, heavy, narcotic, warm velvety
29214-60-6 Gelsone IFF FS 10% 92 M Floral Jasmine, fruit, pear, wine, ozone
23333-91-7 Geosmin ? FS 0.50% 60 M Earthy Rain on dirt or cement, similar to smell after a rain
106-24-1 Geraniol Coeur IFF FS 5% 68 M Floral Stronger than Geraniol.  Used in rose accords and other florals
106-24-1 Geraniol Natural Ex-Palmarosa ? 5 % ? M Floral Rosy, fresh, slightly fruity
Geranodyle Givaudan
105-87-3 Geranyl Acetate ? FS 12% 24 M Floral Sweet, fruity-floral, rosy, green, slightly lavender-like
689-67-8 Geranyl Acetone Bedoukian FS 5% 1 wk M Floral Slightly soapy, aldehydic, leafy w/rose magnolia aroma
106-29-6 Geranyl Butyrate ? FS 5% 80 M Fruit Sweet, fresh fruity, waxy, raspberry, rose, peach, apricot, tropical notes w/tropical notes, green nuance
105-86-2 Geranyl Formate FCC ? FS 20 % ? M Floral Fresh, dry, ethereal, green, fresh rose neroli tea rose green
? Givescone ? FS 10% 20 M Floral Rosy, spicy, fruity, woody
34902-57-3 Globalide 100% Symrise FS 5-20% 348 B Musk Clean, fresh, dry, woody, musky, pronounced powdery elements
3100-36-5 Globanone 100% Symrise FS 20% 400 B Musk Musky, cosmetic, creamy, floral, tobacco
68611-23-4 Grisalva IFF FS 0.50% 250 B Animal/Amber Fresh clean aroma like a pile of laundry just out of the drier
? Guaiacol 98 % ? FS Trace ? B Smokiness Spice Smokey, vanilla, spicy, POWERFUL, used in carnation and spicy formulas
134-28-1 Guaiacwood Acetate ? FS 10% 300 B Wood Woody, warm slightly green rosewood aroma, peppery
88-84-6 Guaiene Natural ? FS 2 % ? B Wood Balsamic scent, earthy, spicy aroma
134-28-1 Guaiyl Acetate ? FS 10% 322 B sweet woody note Balsam Delicate, sweet, woody, soft, warm, green patchouli like tea rose
41654-15-3 Guavanate ? FS Trace-.2 % ? M Fruit Sweet, fruity, slightly woody w/creamy dry down
24237-00-2 Gyrane Givaudan FS 10% 4 M fresh green notes Floral Floral Geranium, Green
111879-80-2 Habanolide Firmenich FS 10% 300 B Musk Powerful musk, pleasant and elegant
0024851-98-7 Hedione HC Firmenich FS 20% 400 M Floral Elegant, transparent floral, jasmine note w/citrus freshness
1205-17-0 Helional IFF FS 5% 64 M Floral Sweet harsh hay like w/top notes of ozone and new mown hay. Fresh floral, melon top note
(mixture) Heliotropex N IFF FS 15% 400 M-B Gourmand Almond, anise ,balsam, berry ,cherry, creamy floral ,raspberry, sweet, vanilla, violet, woody, wine ,herbaceous
326-61-4 Heliotropyl Acetate ? FS 8 % ? M Fruit/Floral Sweet, cherry, strawberry like
141773-73-1 Helvetolide Firmenich FS 5% 30 T-M Musk Sophisticated, modern musky note w/fruity pear aspect
695-06-7 Heptalactone Gamma ? FS 12% 128 M Gourmand Herbaceous, waxy creamy note, smooth, coumarin like anote, creamy vanilla, tobacco like
25304-14-7 Herbac IFF FS 10% 12 T Herbal Powerful, woody herbal cedar leaf, thujone, complex, camphor, earthy
8050-15-5 Hercolyn D Pinova FS 30% 400 B Fixative Balsam Light amber liquid resinous, resistant to aging. Consistent mild odor
109-29-5 Hexadecanolide ? FS 10% 48 B Musk Sensual, sophisticated, creamy, powdery macrocyclic musk, exalting effect
? Hexalactone Gamma ? FS 12% 128 B Tonka Sweet, creamy, lactonic, tobacco, coumarin-like w/green coconut nuances
79-78-7 Hexalon IFF FS 10% 84 M Ionone, rich pineapple quality w/natural oily/waxy undertones, green floral, woody, orris, tropical
6728-26-3 Hexenal Trans-2 FCC ? 0.002% 2 M A green, citrusy, orange, pungent odor
928-96-1 Hexenol-CIS-3-FCC ? 10-20% Trace 4 T Green Leafy, strong, crisp
65405-77-8 Hexenyl Salicylate Extra Bedoukian FS 5% 216 M Floral Long lasting, sweet, green balsamic odor, floral, green natural and leathery w/sweet balsamic nuances
6789-884 Hexyl Benzoate ? FS 5% 200 M-B Woody Fresh, balsam, sappy, clean, woody, sypress, green, piney-balsamic w/sweet herbaceous undertones
6259-76-3 Hexyl Salicylate ? FS 16% 40 T-M rounds fragrance Floral, herbal, green, mild, balsamic note
1117-59-5 Hexyl Valerate ? FS 4-10% 5 T Fruit Heavy, green apple, sweet, musk
? Honey (Miel Oliffac) IFF FS 5% 168 M Fresh Sweet honey aroma
10/7/2556 Hyacinth Body IFF FS 20% 8 T Enhances florals Green Leafy green floral, 
7493-57-4 Hyacinth Body No. 3 IFF FS ? 24 M Floral Green, floral, lilac, hyacinth and sweet pea, fresher and brighter than Hyacinth Body
90-87-9 Hydratropic Aldehyde DMA IFF FS 2% 12 T Green Fresh sharp green hyacinth leaf, green w/rose leaf odor, earthy mushroom note
107-75-5 Hydroxyol IFF 10% B Floral, sweet, green, waxy, lily of the valley notes
18096-62-3 Indolarome IFF 10 - 50% 2%/Trace 400 B Sweetness Animalic Smell like "death"!, strange sweetness, earthy, used with white florals, STRONG
120-72-9 Indole ? 2% 400 B Gives Narcotic aroma Animalic Slighty naphtha/mothball like w/fecal and animalic musty character "Stinky"
112-45-8 Intreleven Aldehyde Special IFF 2% 380 T-M Aldehyde Slightly orange, predominantly rose and decidedly less fatty aroma
14901-07-6 Ionone Beta Pure ? FS 15% 112 M Floral/Fruit Warm, woody, slightly dry, fruity note, creates violet accords
127-41-3 Ionone Extra BHT IFF FS 15% 112 M Floral Violet/berry note. Used in rose bases
68845-00-1 Iris-OA ? FS 10 % ? B Wood Woody, ambery, orris
8013-90-9 Irisone Alpha 90% Givaudan .5-15% 2days M Floral Floral, Orris, Violet, woody
? Irival IFF FS 3% 40 M Floral Orris root, floral, woody (Orris Root Replacer)
3407-42-9 Iso Bornyl Cyclo Hexanol IBCH FS 20% 400 M Wood Woody, balsamic, sandalwood
20665-85-4 Iso Butavan Givaudan FS 5% 400 M Gourmand Vanilla, sweet, fruity; white chocolate-cream soda-soft apricot feeling
68527-77-5 Iso Cyclo Geraniol IFF 0.50% 76 M Floral Spicy, green, floral, in the carnation family.  Long lasting, good blender
54464-57-2 Iso E Super 21.4% FP 172 M Softens Wood Soft wood, clean like a fresh warm laundry, SOFTENS and rounds out formula
68259-31-4 Iso Freshal Innospec FS 15.00% 24 M Aldehyde Fatty, Green, metallic, metal
127-51-5 Iso Naline 95 DSM 31.70% 124 M Floral Clean, violet, orris
123-92-2 Isoamyl Acetate Natural 50% Trace 1 T Fruity Sweetness Fruit Intensive, Fresh, fruity, pear, banana, sweet
87-20-7 Isoamyl Salicylate FS 14% 124 M Blender Floral Sweet orchid, slightly balsamic, herbal, floral, subtle green
122-67-8 Isobutyl Cinnamate 4% 168 M Gourmand Sweet, fruity, balsamic, spice like, peach, honey, chocolate
93-29-8 Isoeugenyl Acetate FS 5% 400 M-B Spice Spice, floral, balsam, oriental, sweet spicy, floral carnation balsam
23787-90-8 Isolongifolanone FS 15% 240 B Wood Fresh woody note, dry, diffusive w/rich amber quality
68480-04-6 Isomohanol FS 5% B Wood Oily, woody, spicy, powdery Sandal like odour
2552-52-9 Isomuscone Symrise FS 2% 400 B Musk Intensive original musk, complex, animalic, raisin like, mix well with prune/plum notes and fruits
Mixture Ivy Base Firmenich FS ? ? T-M Grounding Green Deep Green, fresh, ivy, soft drydown, GROUNDING
5413-60-5 Jasmacyclene Givaudan FS 10% 100 T-M Floral Fruity/fennel anisic floral note. Gives florals a green fruity volume w/sweet anise/woody background
41496-43-9 Jasmorange BASF FS 8% 168 M Floral Fruity floral, green, balsamic
198404-98-7 Javanol Givaudan FS 2% 400 B Wood Calming fatty sandalwood w/faint gourmand undertone, hint of vanilla
38285-49-3 Jessemal IFF FS 10% 356 M Floral Jasmine note, extremely rich and stable
117933-89-8 Karanal (Karanaorg) FS 2% 300 B Wood Dry amber w/wood undertones, hint of rancid floral note, like pureed flowers
70788-30-6 Karmawood IFF FS Trace-3% 1 wk B Adds strength Wood Substantive woody powdery amber, creamy sandalwood
63500-71-0 Keflorol 90 PFW FS 5% 24 M Floral fresh, clean, soft, natural, floral, muguet, linalool
36306-87-3 Kephalis FS 8% 96 B Wood Long lasting heart/basic note.  Blends well w/floral notes, sophisticated amber, tobacco
1125-21-9 Ketoisophorone Penta FS 2% ? M Mixture Musty, woody sweet, tea, citrus, lemon, tobacco leaf, foody aroma
24851-98-7 Kharismal IFF FS ? ? M Floral Floral, jasmin, citrus
81786-73-4 Koavone IFF FS 35% 12 M Wood Diffusive, woody, floral complex w/amber and violet nuances
87118-95-4 Kohinool IFF FS 35% 44 B Wood Woody, amber, dry, exquisite floral, vetivert and raisin nuances
92015-65-1 Koumalactone Firmenich FS Trace-1% 200 M Lactonic Natural tobacco effect w/creamy musk notes
Mixture Kumquat Firmenich FS 20% 18 T Citrus Bright green citrus w/kumquat aroma. Top note for fruity musk perfumes
5989-54-8 L'Limonene 65 FS Trace-8% 4 T Lifts Citrus fragrance Herbal Refreshing, light, very clean
79-69-3 Labdanium Resinoid MD IFF FS 10% 400 B Amber/Resin warm balsam tobacco/castoreum, powerful, clean and refined, amber leather, smoky licorice
? Lactojasmone Symrise FS ? 192 M Supports Florals Floral Floral jasmine, lactonic, tuberose, yello plum sweet, creamy, coconut
21280-29-5 Lactoscaton Symrise FS 1% 400 B Animalic Complex animalic note reminiscent of ambergris, civet and musts
112-53-8 Lauryl Alcohol Aldrich FS 4% 400 B Floral/Gourmand Coconut, honey, soapy, waxy, earthy, fatty, violet sweet sugary, fresh, clean, tuberose
35158-25-9 Lavender Absolute Bedoukian FS 5% 8 M Herbal Powerful, natural, diffusive, herbaceous w/hint of cocoa, blueberry, bergamot, clary sage, lavender
35158-25-9 Lavender Aldehyde FCC Bedoukian FS 5% 5 T-M-B Herbal Powerful, natural, diffusive, herbaceous w/hint of cocoa, blueberry, bergamot, clary sage, lavender
61792-11-8 Lemonile Givaudan FS 5% 400 M Citrus Imparts freshness and diffusion, extremely powerful
67633-96-9 Liffarome IFF FS 2% 12 M Green Natural smelling violet, green, pear, grass odor (tree fruits)
Lilas Mauve Synarome FS ? ? M Floral Rich intense deep lilac bouquet note
1365-19-1 Linalool Oxide Givaudan FS 5% 5 T Projects Floral Fresh, sweet, gives lift to florals, earthy quality, clean, light and airy, slightly sharp, PROJECTS
80-54-6 Lilestralis/Lysmeral 2% 236 M Floral Fresh, light, green floral, reminiscent of lily, strongly diffusive, muguet, powdery lily
Mixture Limbwood Base Firmenich FS ? 400 B Wood Woody, amber note w/ slight animal undertone
5989-27-5 Limonene Dextro Re Distilled FS 20% 4 T Citrus Citrus, Lime, Fresh, Green, Agrestic, powerful
78-70-6 Linalool   12% 10 M Floral Fresh, soft floral, herbal, rosewood, petitgrain
1365-19-1 Linalool Oxide Givaudan FS 5% 5 T Lift to florals Floral Fresh, sweet, fresh earthy quality
115-95-7 Linalyl Acetate FS 25% 24 T floral freshness Herbal Fresh floral herbal wet green lavender bergamot
7149-26-0 Linalyl Anthranilate Penta FS 8% 336 B Floral Fresh, linalool, orange blossom, herbal gardenia, woody
78-37-5 Linalyl Cinnamate Givaudan FS 5% 130 B fixative Floral Floral, fruity, basamic, light, sweetens, blends, FIXATIVE
115-99-1 Linalyl Formate FCC FS 8% ? T Herbal/Wood