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About perfume notes and how they work

The term top note, middle note and base note refer to how long each component lingers.

Your perfume can be made of

25% top notes

25 to 40 % middle notes

And the rest base notes.

The right amount of a top note will not only make the perfumes first impression but will temper the middle and base notes. Making them just that, middle and base.  The top note is the first component of perfume that you smell.  It generally dissipates quickly revealing the heart of your perfume.

The middle note comprises the heart of your perfume.  A rose perfumes middle note will be rose.  The top notes could be citrus, fresh or aromatic. The middle note defines the perfume type. 

The base notes anchors your perfume and makes the perfume last longer on the skin. This is known as "fixing".  Base notes add warmth, depth, body and longevity to your perfume.  These notes are usually achieved by adding balsam, wood or animal notes.  Base notes can dominate a perfume if used in equal amounts as top and middle notes. 

Try to achieve the best balance you can. This will take a bit of experience, but you will be surprised how fast you will learn. Use your aromas additives on the smell strips first. This will really give you a good idea of how much you want to use and how aromas smell together. This is how all perfumers begin a new perfume. Generally speaking lower notes are heavier both in aroma and actual weight.