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Aroma chemicals are manufactured aromas. They are the bits and pieces of smells. Like the spice in carnation or the floral in carnation depending on the aroma chemical you use. Aroma chemicals are what give the perfumer the ability to tweak or lead a formula in a desired direction. Our aroma chemicals are the same raw aroma materials used in all of the fine perfume houses all over the world. These raw materials are ready for use. Many aroma chemicals in there original states are solid, crystallized, powdered and extremely viscous. We liquefy and dilute these aromas so they are ready for use in your formulas. Top perfuming schools and perfumers use raw materials and essential oils at a 1 to 40% solution.

Perfume Accords:
These perfume accords are super concentrated perfume bases. 1 ounce makes 16 to 32 ounces of perfume. Each accord reflects a perfume family. Take a look here to see what these aromas are all about. 
Our essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts are diluted for perfume use. most are in a 10% solution. These solutions are great for perfuming and enable the perfumer to create balance and body in perfume.
We use many different perfume grade essential oils, absolutes and synthetic aromas to achieve a useful additive for creating your finished product.
These undiluted aroma chemicals MUST be used within their percentage guidelines.