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Launch Your Own Perfume Bar

Perfect for Boutiques.
Bath and Body Stores.
Gift Fairs and Markets.
Home Parties.
Offer perfume making services
at parties and events.

 You can use your own decorative bottles like the bottles above,
 or use our bottles with your perfume bar name on the label.

We will print your name and the perfume ingredient on the label.

What you get

Perfume Bar

All come in a 2oz dropper bottle with your store name.

1 Amber Note

1Apricot Note

1 Cedar Note

1 Dark Chocolate Note

1 Fig Note

1 Honey Note

1 Melon Note

1 Strawberry Note

1 Tobacco Note

1 Musk notes

1 True Animal Note

1 Leather Note

1 White Flower Notes

1 Rose Note

1 Carnation Note

1 Clover Note

1 Violet Note

1 Lilac Note

1 Neroil Note

1 Lily Note

1 Linden Note


1 EO- Lemongrass

1 EO- Neroli

1 EO-Patchouli

1 EO-Vetivere


1 Aromatic Accord

1 Balsam Accord

1 Chypre Accord

1 Citrus Accord

1 Floral Accord

1 Oriental Accord

1 Herbal Accord

1 Green Accord

1 Gourmand Accord

1 Fresh Accord

1 Fruit Accord


 1 Gallon perfuming alcohol

20 one ounce spray bottles

100 perfume strips

6 plastic funnels.

60 labels.


Use the Accord as the perfume base and add other scents to create a custom perfume. For a one ounce bottle, use approximately 1/4 bottle of perfume ingredients to 3/4 perfume alcohol.