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An Excelent Supplier of Oud Wood Oil

My name is Adam, and I’m from 
I moved to Thailand around two years ago. 
There, I started to distil my agarwood oils with my friend. Now I reside in Malaysia, Borneo island and continue to produce pure oud oil.

Few points about oud in general. As you probably know, 99% of oud used in designer and niche fragrances is synthetic because of the cost.
The few who choose to use pure natural oud are forced to buy that stinky, barnyard, burned rubber smelling oils because that is how most distillers produce it. Most distillers use very low-grade agarwood for making oil. Most are concerned only about profit, so they try to squeeze this low-grade agarwood to get as much oil as they can. Often agarwood is soaked in water for month prior distillation to make it softer and increase yield. This is done in an extremely unhygienic environment which results in bacteria growth and fermentation. This is what produces the barnyard aroma. Also, very high pressure and temperature used which results in a burned rubber smell. The low-grade agarwood does not have a pleasant smell as it contains very little aroma oil and resin. So all the unpleasant notes that agarwood or oud oil is known for actually have nothing to do with agarwood itself, its is a result of nearly white, uninfected wood distilled badly and harshly to be sold as "pure oud oil."
In general, the older the infection inside the tree the better aroma and the color is. However just as apples even from a single tree once harvested not all taste the same. The most precious agarwood is called Kyara or Kynam. It originates mostly from Vietnam and Cambodia. Current market value for this type of agarwood starting at 500$ per 1 gram and goes up reaching double or even more. 
It is so precious due to a very complex aroma and some aromatic compounds present that never been found in any other type of agarwood. In contrast, we try to use the best grades of agarwood possible and treat it in the best possible manner. There are plenty of different grades of agarwood based on scent profile, origin, density and other factors. 
Some cost as little as 5$ per kilo, and that is what most distillers use to make oud oil. Some types of agarwood cost as much as 500$ up, per a single gram. This type mainly used for burning or decoration in Chinese and Japanese incense culture. The price of agarwood oil can seem ridiculous... As in general 1kg of agarwood yield 1ml of oil, the price of pure oud oil can be as low as 5$ per ml. However, if one use agarwood that cost several thousand per kilo and the process yields 1ml of oil... then 1ml will cost several thousands... It's as simple as that. 
As for our company as I said we focus on nearly extinct wild agarwood from various regions. We put lots of care and love to produce oil from it using traditional as well as modern, revolutionary, unique methods. We love to follow very open and straight forward approach, sharing many details and behind the scene action of producing agarwood oils.
We composed video clips so that customers really can understand, experience and FEEL OUD. The videos can be found in the description of our oils or our youtube channel called Feel Oud. As we say on our website: Agarwood Oil (Oud Oil) we offer at Feel Oud is not just a new product - it is a small journey, an experience, a secret we share, a bit of knowledge we have gained and a big piece of love we part with. It’s a journey to a new, undiscovered corner of oud science, an experience that awakens our and your senses. The secrets we aim to reveal is the hidden potential of agarwood that we are always seeking to uncover along with our knowledge that is always growing. Our love, which brings excitement and adds to the meaning of life, is a love we hope you can smell when you uncap a bottle of Feel Oud’s most precious Oud Oil.