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Rich sweet woody and earthy. Steam distilled from the resinous sap of the Boswellia sacra tree. 
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Perfumes with the aroma of Olibanum / Frankincense 

“Coco noir” by Chanel

“Tuscan leather” by Tom Ford

“Incense & Cedrat” by Jo Malone

“Gucci” by Gucci pour homme Gucci

And many, many others.

Flash Point: E O2 - Flash Point 156.2 °F


Mountain Aromatics YouTube video on Olibanum

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Getcha Tru Incense Right Here
J.Fred Decker (San Francisco, CA) 8/29/2019 8:45 PM
Olibanum (frankincense) is NOT an overwhelming aroma--to me at least. It possesses an almost magical and elusive 'body' which is what one could call Balsamic (but no,, sez me, NOT 'Vanillic'). It comprises up to 95% of some ancient church incense formulae. I suspect the resinoid is a much stronger fixative. The distilled oil here, however, is decidedly stronger aromatically than the 30pct resin sold by CreatingPerfume. One imagines this has to do with: a) the oil being distilled down from the resin, b) proportionally lighter and more volatile, and c) the resin being sold at 30% dilution in TEC.* To my weak little nose, the resin is proportionally less Pine-is (terpenic) and more balsam-ish. Kinda. YMMV. *((BTW, seems as though all 'gums', 'resins', 'tars', 'balsams', what-have-you's are fiendishly difficult to work with, so buy the resin ready-diluted, eh?))