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Silvanone® Supra (Givaudan)

Sivanone Supra is a sweet powdery animalic macrocyclic musk with aspects of nitromusk. It is highly substantive and tenacious and can be used in all application areas to give a full body and long lasting effect. Silvanone Supra works well with woody and amber notes. This ingredient also works well with other musks, in particular Musk R 1 which gives a fantastic lift to Silvanone Supra. This product adds a richness to floral creations especially in the heavier white florals, spicy carnation and oriental directions.

Mysore Acetate (Symrise)

Odor can be described as clear, soft woody-fruity with aspects of sandalwood, floral accents, slightly ambery. Based on sandalwood east Indian oil has a sweet balsamic woody odor. It shows good stability with shampoo, soap, body lotion.