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Musk Aroma Profiles

By Ben Johnson

Adoxal (Givaudan)

 Sharp, clean, lightly astringent citrus peel with a faintly bitter, metallic edge.  Faint green, floral, and ozonic nuances.  After an hour those nuances have disappeared as well as the sharpness and astringency.  The metallic citrus peel remains, although much weaker.  After 2 hours, it is barely discernible on the skin.

Ambrettex XNM (IFF)

This is a very soft, warm, sweet aroma, similar to musk ambrette but with a softer, gentler impact.  
More fruity than floral with powdery, amber overtones.  Initially it has more masculine hints of anise and tobacco leaf, but it quickly dissipates to something between the sensuousness of warm skin and the innocence of baby skin.  After an hour it devolves into a skin-hugging faintly animalic warm skin smell with very slight floral overtones.  All in all, a very feminine fragrance.

A very light, clean, fresh, soothing musk with a definite fruity/herbal top note of green apple/chamomile.  After 30 minutes, it persists as a vague, extremely delicate, faintly powdery, sweet musk aroma with slightly fatty nuances. A very delicate musk with a decidedly feminine character.

Very light, slightly soapy, clean, fresh cotton aroma with a pleasantly sensual animalic undertone.  Short lived.  After 30 minutes, it is detectable only as an indistinct fresh, soapy, delicately sensual impression.  Although quite soft and delicate, it is not particularly feminine or masculine but it invokes an intimately cozy feeling.