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Making Perfume.
The steps to creating perfume.
The easiest way to create a perfume is with our aroma accord sets.

Study the perfume accords on individual smell strips.
Put a drop of accord on a smell strip. Write the name of the accord on the strip. 
Do this with all your accords. This is a very important step that must be done.
I'ts the only way to get to know the aromas. Make a note of how long the aroma lasts on the scent strip.
The ones that last the longest are called the bottom notes.
The ones that disappear the fastest are the top notes. The others are middle notes.

 Think about what sort of perfume you want to make, 
our accords are blended to represent the perfume family groups like citrus, floral, oriental.

Choose an accord that will be the dominant aroma. 
choose other accords, aroma chemicals or notes that you like together by
waving them under your nose on the strips in a fan like manner.
This will allow you to choose the accords that work the best together.

Add 10 to 20 drops of your chosen dominant note to a small bottle.
Add 1 or 5 drops of your other accords, diluted aroma chemicals or notes.

let it sit over night.The next day smell the formula.
Put a drop on your hand and let it sit for a few hours.
Smelling every 15 minuets or so. note how it changes.
Adjust the formula to suit your taste.
BUT before you add a new aroma, use the fan method with the. 
This will allow a sneak peak of how it will be before you actually add it to the formula. 
The last step will be adding alcohol or oil. add them a small bit at a 
time so you do not over dilute your final formula.