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Number: AC0719 | AC G-19


Delicately sweet,woody, soft, warm, green patchouli like tea rose. Blends well with vetiver and vetiver like aromas.  It can be used in a wide range of products. Interesting when wanting to give the sweet, woody note characteristic of Vetiveryle acetates. Delicate, woody, reminiscent of the fruit, ideal for reconstituting Vetiver 
derivatives. It is a fragrance chemical having an elegant, mild, Tea-Rose-like odor

Guaiyl Acetate is obtained by esterification of guaiac wood oil with acetic anhydride and consists of the acetates of the natural sesquiterpene alcohols guaiol and bulnesol (see Guaiac Wood Oil). Guaiyl acetate is a yellow to amber liquid with a light, but lasting, woody odor. It is used in perfumery for tea-rose and wood nuances.


Odor Strength: Medium


Odor Type: Balsam


Longevity: 322


Note: Base


Use Up To: 10%

In Fragrance Concentration.



Flash Point:> 212.00 °F. TCC ( > 100.00 °C. ) 

CAS # 134-28-1

Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Like extracting roses out of Guaiacwood
RRUGGER (New York, NY) 1/13/2020 5:27 PM
This is a beautiful material that smells as if you'd extracted all the roses out of Guaiacwood and sprinkled them over Cedarwood Atlas. It is a wonderful addition to Guaiacwood to bring out the floral aspects, and it helps reinforce those floral notes in a composition. To me it smells nothing like Guaiacol, similarities in words does not mean these materials smell alike. Guaiyl Acetate smells a bit like Vetiver, a bit like Patchouli, a bit like dried rose petals, and it reminds me of the smell in my hands after cutting and cleaning rose stems. It's a great material to extend rare notes like Mate or Rhododendron, and it helped bring out the rose aspects in an Ylang blend I recently did.
A mellow woody material that leans more cedar than guaiac
MS (LA) 7/4/2014 8:23 PM
This is a nice smelling material. It much less powerful than guaiacol, but it doesn't quite smell like guaiacwood either. It actually has a very nice oak / cedar aspect to it, and I could see this working as a great backup material for a number of woody scent. Very soft and so you'd need to load up, but it's a very practical note.