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Number: AC0571 | AC0572

ETHYL SAFRANATE is a complex diffusive spicy rose with apple cider and spicy aspects. This rich and versatile ingredient is used in a wide range of fragrance types, from floral through to fruity, particularly apple. Ethyl Safranate gives body and radiance in Fine Fragrance and Toiletries, but is also unexpectedly stable in detergents, thus broadening the possibilities for use.

CAS #: 35044-57-6



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Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Gypsy (WY) 7/31/2014 6:57 PM
I believe when I selected this to sample I was leaning more on the "spicy rose" in the description than anything else, but for me this is a revelation in that it is a very rich, smooth, rather musty sort of apple with a definite "cider" vibe to it. Yes, I can find rose in there because I know it's supposed to be, but the predominant bent here is the cider. Crisp, sweet, and VERY faintly alcoholic to my nose, in fact. This makes me think of "hard cider", but none of the sharpness of alcohol here, if that makes sense. Quite mellow and could be used to create an apple note with some true depth in blends. I do believe this is definitely going to be a very valuable material in a couple of my blends that contain apple.