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Ethyl Pelargonate (Ethyl Nonanoate)

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Ethyl Pelargonate (Ethyl Nonanoate)

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Ethyl Pelargonate (Ethyl Nonanoate)
Odor: slightly fatty-oily, fruity, apple, banana, nutty, wine-note.  Hints of pineapple.
A tropical fruity note with rosy nuances and sparkling wine-like effects. Perhaps even a fruit based cognac.  It gives a natural exotic aspect to fruits.


NOTE: Middle            


Odor Type:         waxy

Odor Strength:  medium

Taste Description:  Waxy, soapy, cognac, estery fruity and tropical, grape

Longevity:           12 Hour(s)

Appearance:      colorless clear liquid (est)

Flash Point:         170.00 °F. TCC ( 76.67 °C. )

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**For international or USPS shipping, you must choose 50% dilution** 
Otherwise, your shipment will be delayed until we can reach you and explain why we cannot ship low flash point products in your order. 

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