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Citrus, bergamot, lavender aroma

Chemical Name:               2,6- dimethyloct-7- en-2- yl acetate

Appearance:                      colorless clear liquid (est)

Odor Type:                         citrus

Odor Strength:                  medium

Odor Description:             citrus bergamot lime lavender

Substantivity:                    4 Hour(s)

Flash Point:                         196.00 °F. TCC ( 91.11 °C. )


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A brother named Ester?
FrankieCee (Melbourne, FL) 8/5/2017 12:25 PM
This is the alcohol's brother named Ester, lol. If you use Dihydromyrcenol, then its ester, Dihydromyrcenyl acetate is a no-brainer! Much the same as Linalool is used in conjunction with linalyl acetate, or geraniol/geranyl acetate, etc., one complements the other to complete the full effect. When this was all new to me, Mike Storer once described esters to me as being 'juicy', creating a 'juicy' effect. I understand today the point he was trying to convey to a novice, yesterday.