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August 31th, 2013
Formula design for
I'm proud of my new cooperation with Creating Perfume offers a simple easy way to create perfume in a few easy steps with the introduction of perfumers Aroma Accords. The perfumers “Aroma Accords” are combinations of undiluted raw perfume materials. Formulating the starting point of an expert perfume.
I've received a lot of questions about simpler, easier ways to start with formulation of your own fragrances, without the need of buying a lot of single aroma chemicals and essential oils. This is the excellent first step if you are new to perfumery Do It Yourself. There is a lot to discover and learn about the balance in top, heart and base notes and proven combinations in adding different accords together. 
Especially for the Creating Perfume's range of aroma accords i've developed beautiful combinations for you to try. 
More formulas will be added, so keep an eye on this page!
Sweet Sultan: indulge yourself
If a perfume would be a room, then this perfume is the room with the waxed teak floor. The window is open and the outside horses and stables with fresh cut grasses and hay give it a sweet intoxicatinganimalic undertone. Currants, plums, honey, dates and sweets on the polished table are playing with your senses. All fine herbs and spices from "the East" cross your path. Even the Oudh wood and frankincense raisins burned on the open fire leave their traces in the sultry saturated air. With every little breeze you feel your cashmere scarf being converted in a lingering elegant fragrance. This is the sweet smell of a rich past, for Kings and Queens. Only. 8 pieces available at €120 each (6 ml).
Oudh wood based perfume series
In western Europe, we are trading the sun and warm summer days for autum and shorter, colder days. Time to switch from light summer perfumes to more ambery, musky, woody oriental perfumes. I'm currently inspired by all the beauty OudhWood, or Agar wood, has to offer. More traditional found in Asia, i'm going to give it a well deserved  place in my western perfumes for this autumn and winter.

Oudh wood, Oud, or Agarwood, is the most precious, delicate, wood that a perfumer can use in a perfume composition. It's the great sensual basis layer in the base notes, with an unsurpassed richness of the dry down. Used by royals in Asia for centuries, i've translated the quality of the hundred years old essential oils in western oriented though heavy, balsamic perfumes. 
Sample 1: Sweet Oriental Woods: rich aromatic woods on a layer of vanilla beans
Sample 2: Dusty Roses: powdery sweet roses and English tea on a bed of Oudh
Sample 3: The Scent of a Cathedral: frankincense scented Oudh wood
Samples will become available in the website shop in october
If you are interested, make sure you pre-order, there are only
10 sets of this beauties available, starting at €375.

New perfume formula available
With the upcomming season, a new utterly fresh, cool, transparent new perfume formula is added to the collection and available for free download. Fresh as the sea, cold as an iceberg. It's winter in a bottle. The formula is based on mints andmenthols as a major theme. To create the crystal clear winter scent, notes like mandarin, floralzone and whitewoods are added. A must try DIY project!  

See the formula >>
This newsletter informs you about my two and Although just one character difference, the websites are totaly different. The first is all about custom made perfumes. The second one is where i share 'open source' formulas with the perfumers community. Feel free to study and use my formulas i like to share with the world.
"One of the most important factors
considered by major perfume brands
is the 'wow factor'
when smelling a perfume on a blotter
in a perfume store.
One of the most important factors
considered by me
is the 'wow factor'
when smelling a perfume during,
and especially, at the end of the day".