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15 ML @ 10% in DPG ($11.86)
80 ML @ 10% in DPG ($15.16)
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Number: AC0363 | AC0364

CIVET ARTIFICIAL is used in trace amounts because of their overpowering odor. When they are diluted to the right proportion they can have an indispensable effect in a perfume. They add richness and warmth and a fixative effect that only animal note can give. It adds diffusive warmth to fragrances and provides the distinctive effect produced by natural civet in floral-jasmine, amber, oriental, chypre, and tobacco accords. It does not contain any animal extract.

CAS # : Mixture



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Product Reviews

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Anonymous (USA) 8/19/2015 9:13 PM
I usually don't agree with a lot of the aroma descriptions on this site (Not being sarcastic here), but I have to say that the description for this one is right on. Civet is a love it or hate it note. It is only tolerable at a dilution of 10% or less. Upon dilution, it goes from smelling very fecal/halitosis-like to mellowing out into a very complex aroma that smells all at once like: baby poo, baby puke, mothballs, and an aroma that reminds me of being in an elderly person's home. It is "interesting" to say the least. Many people describe civet is a "sexy" scent. On it's own I can't make that connection, but I can see how it would add a sexy dimension in a composition. Having said that, civet is a note that works wonders in a composition if used right. It adds warmth, darkness, and diffusiveness to a fragrance. Believe everyone when they tell you that it provides depth to otherwise bland florals. It works to floral compositions just as indole gives white flowers their characteristic heft. In all honesty, I don't really care for civet myself, but I have to say that it is all in all, a very indispensable material if you can find proper use for it.