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Citrus, Aromatic, Fresh   Green and Herbal 
Bearch Leaf (aromatic)     Anise  (herbal)  
Bergamot (citrus)       Basil  (herbal)  
Cassis (fresh)       Fern (green)  
Cucumber (fresh)       Grass (green)  
Cypress (aromatic)       Green Pepper (green)
Grapefruit (citrus)       Lavender (herbal)  
Green Tea (fresh)       Lemongrass  (herbal)
Juniper (aromatic)       Neroli (herbal)  
Lemon (citrus)       Vetiver  (herbal)  
Lime (citrus)            
Ocean (fresh)            
Ozone (fresh)            
Fruit, Balsam, Gourmand   Floral, Oriental, Spice
Apple (fruit)       Amber (oriental)  
Apricot (fruit)       Balsam  (oriental)  
Brown Sugar ( gourmand)     benzion  (oriental)  
Chocolate  (gourmand )     Carnation (floral)  
Cocoa (gourmand)       Cinnamon  (spice)  
Coconut (fruit)       clove (spice)  
Fig (fruit)       Coriander (spice)  
Honey (gourmand)       Frankincense  (oriental)
mango (fruit)       Freesia (floral)  
Melon (fruit)       Galbanum  (oriental)
Orange (fruit)       Honeysuckle (floral)
Papaya (fruit)       Jasmine (floral)  
Peach (fruit)       Leather  (oriental)  
Raspberry (fruit)       Lilac (floral)  
Strawberry (fruit)       Lily of the valey (floral)
Sugar  (gourmand )       Magnolia (floral)  
Tropical Fruit (fruit)     Patchouli  (oriental)
Vanilla (gourmand )     Pikaki (floral)  
          Rose (floral)  
          Tobacco  (oriental)  
          Tuberose (floral)  
          Violet (floral)  
          Ylang ylang (floral)