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CHOCOVAN (Givaudan)

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Manufacturer: Givaudan
Odor: cocoa vanillic powdery
Use: Chocovan brings a rich cocoa note together with a warm vanillic background created around an overdose of a Givaudan Specialty. It brings the powdery effect of chocolate just like when you open a tin of cocoa drinking powder to make a hot chocolate drink. Chocovan is an interesting creamy chocolate.
Appearance: colourless liquid
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Type: Gourmand


Note: Base

Average use: restricted to 33.37%
Benzaldehyde 0.002%
Toluene 0.004%

Flavor usage: 

More Info: N/A

CAS Number:  

Flash Point:       > 200.0 °F (> 93.3 °C) Closed Cup

Product Reviews

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Box of chocolates
Mark (New York, NY) 1/27/2018 4:17 PM
This one gets it just right. It also performs really well; it's fairly powerful and dries down from a rich powdery-sweet cocoa/dark chocolate to a smooth vanillic base without smelling artificial at any stage. If you're looking for a realistic chocolate note, this one's worth the price.