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CETALOX® (Firmenich)

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An extremely powerful and elegant amber note.

CETALOX® gives rich, elegant effects to all areas of perfumery from sheer florals to modern orientals. Enhanced richness, warmth and depth can be achieved at lower dosages while, at higher levels, it provides exceptional substantivity and performance.

Firmenich code: 922560

CHEMICAL NAME: Naphtho[2,1-b]furan, dodecahydro- 3a,6,6,9a-tetramethyl


PURITY ≥96% to 100%  

ODOR STRENGTH: Mild                   

ODOR TYPE:  AMBERGRIS              


LONGEVITY ON BLOTTER: Tenacity Lasts more than 1 month on a smelling strip.

NOTE:  Base   


FLAVOR USAGE:   yes      

MORE INFO:                

CAS NUMBER:   0003738-00-9 

FLASH POINT:   > 212.00 °F. 


Product Reviews

(9 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
WHY is it turning white?
MaryGrace Kyker (Hickory, NC) 2/22/2020 8:46 AM
I adore the scent of this resin -- it's gorgeous. I dissolved 1 gram into 10ml of 180 proof alcohol, which was very warm (but not boiling). I applied it to my skin and my skin turned white with residue. A few hours later, the solution had seized! Is this because of the product? Or did I do something wrong? I love the smell of cetalox, but I'm discouraged. If anyone can explain this to me, I'd be grateful. sounds like your trying to use it alone in alcohol base if this is the case then you probably need to dilute it further. It's just the way this chemical is not all are easy to use. Some need other aroma chemicals to break all the way down.
Its growing on me!
Nolan Granberg (Boulder, CO) 2/9/2019 11:12 PM
I like it better now, it seems to have more character than ambroxan, its definitely complex and easily adds interesting depth to basically anything. I imagine that it's similar to real ambergris but I've never smelled the real thing. Cetalox and Ambroxan are great pals to have in your inventory. It does have some sweetness with a slightly spicy/woody twist on it which is very nice.
Not very sweet
Nolan Granberg (Boulder, CO) 12/12/2018 10:27 PM
This product has a an almost pepper like, "sharper" effect to it. To me it smells more synthetic than ambroxan and is less noticable. It has a surprisingly different character, it's more subtle and less diffusive to my nose. I like ambroxan much more, which has a smoother, sweeter tobacco like scent. Cetalox smells slightly papery, peppery and woody with an ambroxan like background. Not quite as soothing and satisfying as the beautiful, deep ambroxan note that I was expecting.
Matt S (Pismo Beach, CA) 8/28/2018 12:05 PM
CETALOX is one of my newfound favorites, like the woman below me said 10 ml for every gram of CETALOX. I did 50 ml alcohol with my 5ml CETALOX and put it in a beaker and warmed it up in a hot water on the stove. This aroma is one of the greatest, warm rich elegant woody ambergris. It contains facets of real ambergris. But this stuff dries up into white chalk really fast so be careful not to leave it exposed too long and put in an amber bottle, sort of hard to work with.
Barbara Chappuis (Clarksville, MO) 4/8/2017 12:59 PM
I dissolved/diluted my 1 gm sample in 10 gms of 200 proof perfumers alcohol (gently warmed it in a cup of hot water) and it's superb on skin, as is. It's a warm, fairly natural ambergris with manypossibili ties. Can't wait to start using it creatively. Definitely a keeper!