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Manufacturer: Givaudan


Rich sophisticated agarwood with great tenacity and complexity. A powerful blend of resin and balsamic notes excellent base note.
Different from Black Agr Firminich.  Givco is a bit sweeter whereas Firminich's is a bit more green...

Odor: This base melts ambery, olibanum and balsamic notes.
Use: Black Agar Givco adds sophistication and richness to a range of accords, including woody accords, orientals, and chypres, and is effective from the top note through to the bottom note. It is especially effective in men's colognes and in agarbatti.  

 Appearance: Brown liquid

Odor Strength: Medium

Odor Type: woody


Longevity: 400+

Note: Base

Average use: Traces up to 5%

Flavor usage: N/A


CAS Number: Blend

Flash Point:  > 200 °F ( > 93.3 °C ) Closed Cup

Mountain Aromatics YouTube Video on Black Agar (Givco)

Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great base for an Oud formula
RRUGGER (New York, NY) 1/13/2020 12:00 PM
Complex, sophisticated and diffusive, strongly resinous with somewhat of a top green nuance. It blends wonderfully with Rose and/ or Carnation, or with Ylang-Ylang for an even more exotic floral oriental. It is a very powerful ingredient, go gentle on the dropper. Amber and/ or Tonka Bean can tame it, Patchouli gives it a balsamic and natural effect without diminishing its character. To me this brings a similar effect to that of greenish, resinous Cambodi Oud, this is not an animalic, soaked Assam Oud; but blended with florals a certain animalic aspect comes out, where perhaps one doesn't need an animalic Musk to complement it, but a lighter, floral, or fruity Musk does the job without needing to include additional animalic notes.
Powdery incense
David Goodwin (Madison, WI) 9/8/2016 2:12 PM
The oud qualities hit you at the beginning with a dry, slightly acrid musky black pepper quality. Then comes a floral, musky grape-like note, followed by a powdery, slightly ionone quality. The combined effects remind me very much of Nag Champa. Not exactly agarwood but very lovely in its own right, straddling incense and musk.