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Number: AC0165 | AC A-55


Aurelione® Symrise, also known as musk dec-7(8)-enone

Cyclohexadecenon Isomers. Acts as perfumery component. Odor can be described as elegant, erogenous, intense musk note reminiscent of original musk with sensual warmth. Imparts an erogenous, skin-like effect; displays a radiance throughout the fragrance; reflects musk ketone aspects; synergistic effects occur by combining with other MCM ketones and lactones.

Type of musk can be described as a white musk...but somewhere in its structure there's a hint of citrus lurking around...

Appearance: solid white

Odor Strength: Medium

Odor Type: Musk

Longevity: 400+

Note: Base

Flash Point:       > 200.00 °F ( > 93.33 °C )

Average use: 1 to 20%


CAS # 88642-03-9, 3100-36-5

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Product Reviews

(8 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Riley Jones (Longmont, CO) 1/13/2016 6:13 AM
To me, this is cherry tobacco fruity musk. Highly recommended.
Very sensual
derrick (SC) 10/2/2015 6:50 PM
Oh my god, this IS very sensual. It's so soft and it's smell is buttery, but in a way that's very skin-like. It doesn't smell like skin per se, but it gives the effect of very soft skin. The only downfall to this is that it's very mild. Not intense at all and you have to use alot of it in a blend in order for it's effect to shine through. Other than that downfall, this is some good stuff.
Anonymous (USA) 4/27/2015 8:29 PM
This is a nice snuggly, slightly powdery musk. Very subtle and almost undetectable once it dries down, at least to my nose. In all honesty, I really don't get the erogenous and skin-like references. It may be erogenous and skin-like in that a person has to be nearly snuggled up to you in order to smell it, but other than that I really smell anything sensual about it. Nice, but definitely not what I expected.