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This is a list of ingredients that have been selected to reflect the aromatic chart above. Aromatic being the perfume type and the sub groups like wood/spice, green/herbal being the "added flavor" of the perfume. You can mix and match like Aromatic citrus, Aromatic wood or Aromatic herbal or just stay within the group for a simple yet successful perfume.
You will also use the aromatic perfume accord in these combinations assuring an aromatic out come.
Fresh & Aromatic
Green & Herbal
Wood &Spice
Cassis (fresh)
Bergamot (citrus)
Anise (herbal)
Cucumber (fresh)
Grapefruit (citrus)
Basil (herbal)
Cedar (wood)
Green Tea (fresh)
Lemon (citrus)
Fern (green)
Oak Moss (wood)
Ocean (fresh)
Lime (citrus)
Green Accord (green)
Oud Wood (wood)
Ozone (fresh)
Green Pepper (green)
Sandalwood (wood)
Birch Leaf (aromatic Wood)
Lavender (herbal)
Teak (wood)
Cypress (aromatic Wood)
Lemongrass (herbal)
Juniper (aromatic)
Neroli (herbal floral)
Clove (spice)
Vetiver (herbal Wood)
Coriander (spice)