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Aromatic Perfumes

Fresh and Aromatic  Citrus
Cassis (fresh) Bergamot (citrus)
Cucumber (fresh) Grapefruit (citrus)
Green Tea (fresh) Lemon (citrus)
Ocean (fresh) Lime (citrus)
Ozone (fresh)
Bearch Leaf (aromatic)
Cypress (aromatic)
Juniper (aromatic)
Wood and Spice  Green and Herbal 
Agar Wood Anise  (herbal)
Cedar Basil  (herbal)
Oak Moss Fern (green)
Oud Wood Grass (green)
Sandlawood Green Pepper (green)
Teak Lavender (herbal)
Cinnamon  (spice) Lemongrass  (herbal)
Clove (spice) Neroli (herbal)
Coriander (spice) Vetiver  (herbal)