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                         Aroma Accords

Creating Perfume offers a simple easy way to create a perfume in a few easy steps with the introduction of perfumers Aroma Accords.

The “Aroma Accords” are blends of undiluted raw perfume materials. Formulating the starting point or (go to base) of a perfume.

Our Aroma Accords are proprietary blends of raw perfuming materials (aroma chemicals) with no dilution. Many perfumers make bases (accords) that they use over and over ( a go-to base) in the perfume making process

The percentage guides also apply to the Aroma Accords. 
Upon occasion, the formulas may change if a product used in the formulation becomes unavailable or the restrictions change. 

top notes
Top Notes are the first thing you smell in the finished formula. The aroma that jumps out and gives a diffusive effect in the perfume its also the first aroma to fade as the perfume dries down.
Base Note Accords
The base note is a very important material. It is the foundation and the fixative in your perfume. Adding fixative, Glucam p20 only influence the top and some middle notes, building a good rich base is what truly makes a lasting perfume.
Middle Note Accords
Middle Notes are the notes that give heart to your perfume. Many perfumes are constructed around the heart or middle notes. It will be the aroma that is noticeable after the top notes dissipate.
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Ylang Ylang Accord
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Ylang Ylang Accord
Super rich and strong. Blends well with other florals and aldehydic aromas. Great in oriental perfume blends.
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