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Ambrox ® DL (Firmenich)

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Ambrox ® DL

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Ambrox® DL (Firmenich)
Odor: An elegant amber note with a rich woody character
Use: This ingredient provides warmth, richness and elegance to all areas of perfumery from sheer florals to modern orientals. Due to its power, best effects can be achieved at lower dosages, however, higher levels are often used to provide performance and substantivity.
Average use  5% of the fragrance concentrate.
> 400 hours
liquid to solid. will become liquid with heat.
Flash point > 200.0 °F (> 93.3 °C) Closed Cup


Product Reviews

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Also known as Cetalox
Nolan Granberg (Boulder, CO) 12/12/2018 10:19 PM
This product has a an almost peppery, "sharper" effect to it. To me it smells more synthetic than ambroxan and is less noticable. It has a surprisingly different character, it's more subtle and less diffusive to my nose. I like ambroxan much more, which has a smoother, sweeter tobacco like scent. Cetalox smells kinda papery, peppery and woody with an ambroxan like background.