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Number: AC1469 | AC1470

TONQUITONE 0613 (IFF) has a strong deep animal musk. A true animal musk, but still has the soft warmth that makes musk so valuable in perfuming.

CAS #: Mixture



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Product Reviews

(8 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
TONQ is a smelly but sexy musk!!!
Lance Bailey (Paris, TX) 2/12/2017 8:12 PM
TONQ is the bomb! I use a drop in a 40 to 60 drop test batch. Animalic for sure. Smells strong by itself, but does create a strong musk scent when combined with Silvanone Supra or Habanalide. Also seems to work well with the Musky Incense Accord.
Unmistakeably animal.
Shannon Matteson (Port Saint Lucie, FL) 8/14/2016 12:38 AM
This musk is extremely urinous, and, to my nose, slightly fecal. It is the essence of animal, and one can smell the deer-ness in it. As is my habit, I put a drop of new things on my skin to observe them as an initial impression, and when I put this on, my girlfriend happened to be with me. Usually I am alone. There were two very immediate responses from the two of us: First, we noted that it smelled terrible at full strength, and filled my office entirely. Second, we both noticed, within a few minutes, that we were experiencing sexual arousal. Within two or three hours, it was torture. Both the smell and the arousal. I had to wash it off. I use this for an erotic edge, diluted to 10% and then used sparingly with other more pleasant musks. It works well as an aphrodisiac enhancer with civet and castorium. Because of these three, certain of my fragrances are quickly gaining a reputation for being very effective aphrodisiacs. Well worth using for the erotic effect, but I don't use it unless I use it for that. This is the single most erotic musk I have ever encountered. I give it 4 stars for that, but remove one because it is so challenging to use and so limited in application.
Animalistic but smooth
John Biebel (Waltham, MA) 3/28/2016 1:06 AM
A very interesting ambery animalic scent, quite complex and nuanced with a powdery and almost vanilla-like underbelly mixed with sweet, natural animal musk. I've used it in a green-mossy scent with great results. Highly recommended.
The real deal
Anonymous (USA) 7/22/2015 2:55 PM
Out of all the varieties of animal musks available, this is the most animalic. Whereas civet smells dark and fecal, castoreum smells pungent, cheesy, and leathery, and ambergris smells salty and skin-like, tonquitone is one of the only ones that actually smells like an animal (shangralide is a close-second). If you want that urinaceous zoo-cage funk, this is it. Like the other animal notes though, this is much more tolerable at a lower dilution. Even upon dilution, it still needs to be used carefully in a blend. Good stuff!
closest thing to a feline
Mihai C (Santa Barbara, CA) 2/26/2015 3:09 PM
The most animalisc smell I have discovered here, thet you can encounter at the Zoo in the feline or deer section. One of my favourites. Not too much ammonia, with a slight balsamic-futty undertone that reveals itself a bit later.