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animal aromas
Animal aromas add richness and warmth and a fixative affect that only animal note can give. They are chemically very close to our own sexual aromas.
B- Aldehydic Aromas
Aldehydes became very popular in the 1920s through today. They add a vivid quality to top notes. Classic example of an aldehydic perfume - Chanel N 5. Aldehydes give perfumes a distinctly individual fragrance.
A- Aromatic Aromas
Aromatic Perfumes are diffusive and woody. Many essential oils will be in this group.
C- Warm Balsamic Aromas:
Warm and rich ingredients create full bodied perfumes with creamy notes. all these sorts of ingredients are here.
D- Woody Earthy Aromas
This where you will find Earthy ingredients like vetiver and violet leaf, patchouli the earthy ingredients. this group is not a typical perfume group but it is extremely useful in the creation of many perfumes.
C- Chypre Aromas
Chypre perfumes have amber, mossy notes with woods, leather and fruit.
 A- Citrus Aromas
Citrus perfumes or colognes are fresh and tart. great for spring and summer .This is where you will find all of the citrus components that go into this family group.
B- Floral Aromas
Here are all the aromas that go into making A floral perfume.
fruit accord
This is where you will find yummy ingredients to build fruity floral perfumes like DKNY BE DELICIOUS. The addition of floral and citrus Can really make a fruity perfume unique.
oriental perfumes
All the perfume additives for creating a exotic oriental perfumes.
A- Herbal Aromas
Herbal perfumes incorporate basil, anise and lavender. many man's creations fall into this category. you will also find many essential oils in this category.
A- Green Aromas
This is where you will find all the aromas that would go into a green perfume. Bright and green almost tart. The starting point for many perfumes when a fresh green note is the primary aroma like Chanel #19.
C- Gourmand Aromas
Gourmand perfumes are sweet and fruity. The use of chocolate, vanilla and Carmel are common in this group of perfumes this is where modern perfumes like Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler fall.
fresh perfumes
This is where you will find fresh bright ingredients for making a light airy perfume.
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VERATRALDEHYDE has sweet, creamy, vanillin, powdery, herbal nuances with a slight phenolic note.
Amyl Acetate
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AMYL ACETATE is perfect for fruit-based fragrances such as apple and pear once diluted. Do not inhale at full strength where it has a high nail polish-like aroma.
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BENZYL ISOBUTYRATE has sweet, fruity, and powdery with tropical, woody, and juicy nuances.