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Perfumers Alcohol & Oil

Perfuming oils should not oxidize easily. So we have chosen IPM ( Isopropyl Myristate) and Augeo clean Multi to help break down and blend aromatic material.
The Augeo clean Multi is an even better way to dilute Chrystals, powders, and solid aroma chemicals. Both methods may require a bit of heat as well.

Our superior quality perfuming alcohol is 200 proof SDA 40-B with Hexylene Glycol, antioxidants, and perfume fixatives. 

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Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)
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Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)
Dipropylene Glycol (Fragrance Grade) DPG This is a much thicker heavier diluent for perfumes and skin care products. Commonly used with musks.