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2 ML @ 100% SAMPLE ($4.86)
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Number: AC0605 | AC0606

FIRASCONE™ has a rosy-fruity, damascone, saffron note. The closest olfactive profile to naturally occurring damascone, among all the damascone esters.
CAS #: 815580-59-7

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Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
jammy apple juice, rose potpourri, opaque white mint, rose geranium/sage edge
Parker Turtenwald (Olympia, WA) 11/11/2019 12:42 AM
Firascone- more jammy than Givescone. unlike Givescone it's just apple juice, not pomegranate juice. Maybe twice as damascone-like as Givescone. I get a slight minty white aspect in the smell. It smells very much like rose potpourri but in a more damascone like way than other chemicals. I get a smell effect that's similar to the feeling of methyl anthranilate(Concord grape), I mean just a little heady and pungent. Deep in the same sense as Douglas Fir, does have a bit of opaque greenness. Bit of Pelargonium rose geranium edge, maybe almost slightly sage effect. Maybe tiny hint of saffron effect. Feels very "juicy", maybe like an apple juice with exquisite grape blend, has a sweetness. This is an intriguing smell. I don't know if this could substitute for damascone in a rose accord but it could certainly strengthen it. Reminds me more like the rose-like notes in some wines. This is a lot more opaque salicylate like than regular rose.
Firascone seems deeply green and herbal to me
david lincoln brooks (Boerne, TX) 8/7/2018 12:18 AM
I am sniffing the pure chemical. It is a very intense, not unpleasant smell. To my nose, at least at this state of dilution, it smells neither floral nor fruity to my nose, or at least not smooth, petal-like or sweet. Rather, it is an intense geranium-like smell, sharply green with aromatic hints, like the broken leaves of a geranium, or of the punctured peel of a very green banana. It also reminds me of those garden sages which have "phantom" secondary notes like pineapple, licorice or chocolate. Firascone will not give you a straight-up rose smell, but it will reinforce rose and other floralcy with a natural, stemmy herbaceous pleasant hint of sharpness. I have a hunch it was used in Mugler ANGEL, united with a green patchouly and clary sage, to provide an herbal backbone for all the sucrée gourmand notes: vanilla, cocoa, caramel, etc. At full strength, it almost has a fir balsam-"Christmas tree" like camphoraceousness. I think it will add "air", gently diffusive naturalness to your floralcy.