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Absolutes, Attars, Blends
Essential Oils, Isolates, and Extracts. 

Most natural products are available at full strength 100%
and in dilution 3%

If you order diluted oils, we use IPM ( Isopropyl Myristate ) for dilution. 
IPM is not a natural product. For an all natural perfume,
Please choose full strength (100%) 
and dilute with your choice of oil or alcohol. 
We are changing the dilution to TEC it is a natural product.

Most carrier oils are not alcohol compatible, and the finished product may
cloud and separate IPM is alcohol compatible and will not cloud or separate.

Please read the safety information regarding all Essential Oils. 
It's Up to you to make sure you are using all perfume ingredients safely. 

 Click Here for the NAHA

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Ylang Oil, Extra (IFF)
Choose Options: From $3.24 to $44.39
Ylang Oil, Extra (IFF)
Ylang Oil, Extra. CANANGA ODORATA GENUINA Rich, heavy floral used in many floral and oriental compositions.
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