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COSMONE® Givaudan

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Manufacturer: Givaudan


Cosmone® is an intensely rich, powerful and elegant musk. The warm, powdery facets
of Cosmone are reminiscent of classic nitro musks with a subtle ambergris nuance. 
On the fence between a clean musk and an animalic musk with a very light dusting of white pepper.

trace of Cosmone brings an outstanding cosmetic volume to all types of accords. While extremely effective by itself, Cosmone also offers excellent synergy with other ingredients.

Sorry Price has gone way up on this musk.

Chemical Name: (E)- 3-Methyl- 5-Cyclotetradecen- 1-One


Appearance:  clear liquid to pale yellow


Odor Strength: Medium

Odor Type: Musk

Longevity: >400+

Note: Base

Average use: >5%

Flavor usage: N/A


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CAS Number: 259854-70-1

Flash Point: 279 °F (137.22°C)

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Product Reviews

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powdery elegance
derrick (US) 1/13/2016 7:48 AM
Cosmone is the essence of "powdery", but what I like about it is that it's not stuffy like baby powder or cloying It has a sensual almost ambergris type body that balances the powdery overtone perfectly. It's almost like a soft cotton pad. Very elegant and sensual. I think the picture is very fitting. If Cosmone had an analog in nature, it would definitely be a cloud. Truly a useful musk for those wanting a sensual, elegant, powdery base to their perfumes.