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Benzoin Resin

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Benzoin Resin
Benzoin Resinrich vanilla base

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Manufacturer: Singapore

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Benzoin Resin Styrax Tonkinensis, Base note, rich, vanilla, balsam, gourmand, oriental.  Somewhat brandy-like.
This is a pourable rich amber color benzoin. Unlike the hard solid tar-like benzoin that is difficult to use. 
It's easy to use with a warm boozy, honey like character. 
This is a hard one to use with IPM and alcohol. We have had great results with the AUGEO CLEAN MULTI.  If not Augeo, a little heat can help to temporarily loosen it up.
Odor Type balsamic

Odor Strength medium

Odor Description: sweet vanilla balsam woody powdery

Longevity: 400 Hour

An iconic raw material in the world of perfumery, benzoin Siam is a resin famous for its sweet, balsamic, vanilla-like scent, generated by the vanillin it contains. It is also called benzoin Laos, a nod to its origins, as well as benzoin aliboufier. The resin is obtained after cutting the trunk of the Styrax tonkinensis tree, a member of the Styracaceae family. Perched between 800 and 1,600 meters above sea level, this tall tree, growing 25 meters in height, grows wild in Laos, Thailand, and northern Vietnam. A spicier and less subtle variety of the fragrance Styrax paralleloneurum or benzoin Sumatra from Indonesia is used primarily in cleaning products and by the tobacco industry. Before harvesting, the bark tapping or incising is done from top to bottom, letting the resin flow and accumulate in the flap of bark lifted by the tapper. In Laos, this phase takes place in September. Production begins a few weeks later, while harvesting is usually done in January and February by detaching the bark flap, filled with white droplets, or “tears” of benzoin, with a machete. These tears are then cleaned and graded: No. 5 tear, No. 3 tear, and No. 2 tear.

Benzoin Laos has no botanical affiliation with styrax of the Americas is produced from Liquidambar styraciflua. In days gone by, the gum passed through the Port of Bangkok. This large tree resembling a birch grows wild in the highlands of Laos, Thailand and northern Vietnam. The tree naturally secretes the resin to protect itself from parasitic attacks. It is therefore common to see benzoin amassed in the holes pierced by insects in the tree’s bark. For the benzoin to be used in perfumery, tappers manually make incisions to stimulate the tree’s resin production. The mature trees aged 10 years or more are those that produce the most gum. The yield per tree totals about 400 to 600 grams per year. Benzoin oozing from the tree takes the form of white, brittle tears, and oxidation can cause them to turn shades ranging from yellowish-brown to ivory-beige. Benzoin Siam has a milky, vanilla-like smell, reminiscent of brown vanilla beans. Benzoin Laos, having an exceptional scent, is the only species used in making fine fragrances.

Flash Point: > 212.00 °F. TCC ( > 100.00 °C. )
If you order a dilution, its diluted in AUGEO CLEAN MULTI it's not a natural product.


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