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Allyl Cyclohexyl Propionate

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Odor Description: fruity, aromatic, apple, pineapple Stability: body lotion (good), shampoo/shower gel (very good), soap (good), AP roll-on 15% (good), detergent powder conc. (very good), cleaner liquid citric acid (poor), cleaner APC liquid (good), bleach (poor) Perfumery Use: key component for fruity creations; imparts texture and ripe fruit impressions Use Level: 0.5 - 10% 
Flavor Characteristics Flavor Description: estery, green, fruity, pineapple Useful in: yellow fruit, tropical fruit, fruit others

Allyl Cyclohexyl Propionate

Odor Strength: Medium

Odor Type: Fruity

longevity: 251 hours

Note: Middle to Base

Flash Point:       196.00 °F. TCC ( 91.00 °C. )

Use Up To: 5% (R Sensitization)
In Fragrance Concentration.

Ripe Pineapple -  Allyl Cyclohexyl Propionate Powerful and a weet fruity odor resembling pineapple. BASE NOTE. use up to 5%

cas # 2705-87-5

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