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Spray Perfume Party kit. All Aromas - Flash Point > 200 °F

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Have a Perfume Party

Spray Perfume Party kit. Perfect for parties, showers, and events. Everything you need for a perfume party.

Party Kit With Spray Perfumes

Perfect for parties, showers, and events.

This kit is for 10 people. Add up to 80 people.

One ounce aromas in glass bottles with dropper tops (depending upon the number of people) two ounce for large Parties.

Perfume Alcohol base (depending upon the number of people) with pouring spout.

Professional perfumers smell strips. (number depending on number of people)

1.7 square glass bottles with silver spray top (depending on number of people)


1 -10 Guests 8 Aromas 1 Ounce
11 -20 Guests 10 Aromas 1 Ounce
21 -30 Guests 12 Aromas 1 Ounce
31 -40 Guests 14 Aromas 2 Ounce
41 -50 Guests 16 Aromas 2 Ounce

Prices are for the whole kit. We don't break the kits down and sell it in pieces. 

Rush Orders are available for a $40.00 charge. All other orders ship in 5 to 10 days(Ship means when it leaves our warehouse and is on the way to you)

Directions for your perfume party kit:

On a tabletop or kitchen island, line up the aromas bottles. Next, to each bottle have 10 or 15 Aroma strips. 
Label the smell strips with the aroma name. Use a sheet of plastic under a tablecloth to protect your furniture from accidents. 
Have plenty of paper towels on hand in case of a spill.

Have a bowl of fresh coffee grounds to clear the nose after too many smells of the aromas.
The top, middle and base references are just how the aromas will last on the skin the top notes do not last as long as middle and base notes. 
It’s just an idea of how the perfume will wear on the skin. Use the scent strips to get an idea of the aroma by itself. Use the scent cards to test blends of different aromas together. It's super easy and fun! The guests can mix and match aromas this way to find the combinations they like best. Scent cards give a hint of how the aromas smell together. 

Once they have picked the aromas they like together they can start adding drops to their own bottle. 
Filling the bottle 1/3 full of aroma the rest with oil or alcohol. This will make a very strong Perfume. 
Encourage guests to use a bit less aroma and a bit more oil or alcohol. 
It will still be strong and the aromas will go further.

All the aromas are made to blend with one another so it’s hard to go wrong.
If possible, have your party outside it's easier to differentiate the aromas outside. 
You will be surprised how fast people know what aroma combinations they like best.

The directions here (above I can include them if you do not want to copy them.
We will make sure you have plenty aromas, even some leftover. 
as far as recipes go you will find that people know right away what aromas they like and want to blend.
as far as the notes go top notes are the aromas that fade first then the middle notes kick in the last is the base notes the base notes are what make the perfume last longer. It does not make a huge difference in what order top middle and base notes are used. It's just an idea of how the perfume will smell on the skin. 

maximum 50 people.

For more than 50 people please Email us for a price quote.

Aromas for party kits
feel free to ask for specific aromas or let us pick 

Absinthe (Top Note)
Amber (Base Note)
Apple Note (Top Note)
Apricot (Middle Note)
Bergamot (Top Note)
Bright Floral (Top Note)
Carnation (Middle Note)
Cassis (Middle Note)
Cedar (Middle Note)
Cherry Blossom (Middle Note)
China Lily (the real thing) (Middle Note)
China Rain (the real thing)
Chocolate Amber (Base Note) (Middle Note)
Citrus Fruit (Top Note)
Clean Floral (Middle Note)
Clean Musk (Base Note)
Cucumber (Top Note)
Dark Musk (Base Note)
Egyptian Musk (Base Note)
Fern (Top Note)
Fig (Middle Note)
Freesia (Middle Note)
Gardenia (Middle Note)
Green Apple (Middle Note)
Honey (Middle Note)
Jasmine (Middle Note)
Kumquat (Top Note)
Lavender (Top Note)
Leather (Base Note)
Lemon (Top Note)
Lily of the Valley
Linden (Middle Note)
Mango (Middle Note)
Melon (Middle Note)
Mimosa (Middle Note)
Neroli (Base Note)
Ocean (Middle Note)
Orange Blossom
Orange Clove (Top Note)
Orange Peel (Top Note)
Orchid (Middle Note)
Peach (Middle Note)
Pear (Middle Note)
Peony (Middle Note)
Pikaki (Middle Note)
Pink Martini (Middle Note)
Rain (Middle Note)
Raspberry (Middle Note)
Rose (Middle Note)
Sandalwood (Base Note)
Spice (Base Note)
Teak Note (Base Note)
Tobacco (Base Note)
Tuberose (Base Note)
Vanilla (Base Note)
Verbena (Base Note)
Violet (Middle Note)
White Musk (Base Note)
White Tea (Middle Note)
Wood (Base Note)
Ylang Ylang (Middle Note)

It is imperative to order at least 3 weeks in advance of the event, to ensure all bottles are intact, without damage in shipping. We will replace free of charge any damaged bottles. It must be within one week of delivery from FedEx or USPS. We also will need pictures of all damages. We only ship replacements USPS priority mail. 

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